What comes to mind when a friend says I will be travelling to Maldives soon?

Summer in Maldives

10 days on an island in summer? You’ve got to be kidding me even if it’s Maldives!

What comes to mind when a friend says I will be travelling to Maldives soon? An image of powdered pristine white sandy beaches with different shades of azure-blue waters floats in mind. For some, they might even be able to smell and feel the sea breeze there and then!

Maldives is formed in the southern Indian Ocean from clusters of 1190 coral islands, segregated by different atolls it is truly a wonder of nature and I would even go as far to say it is “the Eden” to many sun-seekers.

The population of Maldivians is made out of approximately 300,000 people, Male is the capital of Maldives. Dhivehi is the national language but English is widely spoken. Its landing strip is built on a separate reclaimed island called Hulhumale. Truly an engineering feat and has one of the most stunning view in the world as it runs parallel with the ocean around. Amazing for such a small city the Maldivians are ever seeking to build and better their lives in today’s modern world, but of course a modern life blessed with miles and miles of sun, sea and sand. Working in paradise as many of us can only dream of.

I still remember the very first time I flew over the islands of Maldives and sighed with longing how I wished to visit this paradise. At 30,000 feet above sea level where usually in the aeroplane is a live tracking system reflected in the entertainment console, hence you can see where the aircraft is flying over when you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo. I used to dream if only I have 10 days out of 360 days a year on Maldives.

Every dream destination will sure have a bucket list of Must Do activities. May to November is low season for Maldives, but for me it is one of the best time to travel despite occasional showers brought on by the south-western monsoon. Hotels and excursion packages are at good rates and there are fewer tourist. Hence you get all the attention ………

Let’s explore the top 10 activities by spending summer on beautiful Maldives!

1. Exploring Male

Male Fish Market located on the Capital Island of Maldives

A day exploring Male, the Capital of Maldives – National Museum, Old Friday Mosque and wet market, see them haul amazing number of yellow fin Tuna and eat them fresh be it sashimi style (although Maldivians do not eat raw fish). Or cooked in the local breakfast dish called Mashuni – a smoked tuna dish with coconut. An array of fresh seafood that is drool worthy. Try some Maldivian Chili one of the spiciest ever! And not forgetting to purchase some of those Maldivian smoked or big chunky steak tuna.

2. Island Hoping, Snorkelling or spend a day on your own Sandbank.

Your own private sandbank. Photo credit: Shangri-La Vilingili Resort

A sandbank all to yourself. Baros Maldives. Photo Credit: Meeroona.

Island hopping and Snorkelling – sounds like an oh so very “normal” thing to do, right? Well you can be wrong. The 1200 coral islands of Maldives is divided by 26 atolls. The word atoll derives from Dhivehi language as the Maldivians called it. Only 200 islands are inhibited and only 80 islands are made into resorts ranging from guest houses to a world class 6-star resort.

Exploring different islands resorts and its unique architecture – no two islands are alike. I can assure you the waters calls to you. Even if you do not know how to swim, I bet you would just jump into the ocean for a dip.

3. Scuba Diving!

Take up Scuba Diving lessons!

Dive with the Manta Rays of Maldives

Scuba Diving – don’t dive? Plenty of time to learn diving! Go for discovery Scuba (one day learning experience without diving license but with a certified dive instructor). One of the most popular dive spot in Maldives is the Banana Reef. If you are an experience diver, diving Maldives must be on your bucket list of dive spots. During May to June which is the wetter season but ushers in plankton this is a good time to catch some of these magnificent creatures.

4. Anglers angling for more action!

Deep Sea Fishing. Photo credit : World news

Deep sea fishing and night fishing – Maldives is known as one of the best Big Game Fishing. With bountiful yellow fin tuna, swordfish, sailfish, marlin, local fish known as Wahoo and many more. Be it if you are an amature or a weathered angler you would not want to miss the experience and your catch. The summer time season has more on Trevally and Bonito fish.

5. Love Yourself

Relax and unwind. Photo Credit : Meera Spa Gili Lankanfushi

Tranquillity – treat your body right. Let the Resort pamper you after 4 days of activities. Spend a day just relaxing your body with spa and massage. Maldives a world class resort destination, offers many choices of world class SPA treatments.

6. Surfing the Maldives wave

Surfing Maldives. Photo Credit: mymaldives

The summer time beginning from the month of May in Maldives will give Surfers good waves break. As the south-western monsoon season comes into play. There are three main atolls for surfing – Male Atolls, Central Atolls and Outer/Southern Atolls where the latter is more suitable during the beginning and later summers and the two former atolls are perfect during the summer time. Popular breaks are such as Lohis, Cokes, Chickens, Sultans, Jailbreaks, Honkys and Ninjas just to name a few with a swell that ranges from of 3 – 10 feet.

7. Let’s head to school ……. a school of Dolphins that is.

Dolphin watching. Photo Credit: Kamadhoo Maldives

With more than 20 over types of species, Dolphin watching is akin to jumping magic in waters! Full of zest of life, playfully racing along your boat. Usually resorts around Maldives will offer the sunset Dolphin watching excursion to its guests.

8. Whale Shark – the World’s largest fish.

Gentle Giants of Maldives. Photo Credit: thescubanews

If Dolphins are jumping magic then Whale Shark watching is magic that glides in waters. They are so gentle …… the gentlest of sharks. Whale Sharks can grow up to 40 feet (12 meters). Like Manta Rays, the Whale Sharks are in abundance from May onwards as the planktons flow in. The South Ari Atolls is one of the best spot to snorkel or dive with Whale Sharks.

9. Ever dream of owning your own boat with full facilities?

Dive the Atolls of Maldives

Keep Calm and Eat Sleep Dive onboard. Photo Credit: Ark Noble

Live on board or better known as L.O.B – Is a Full Board diving cruise. Divers who are looking to maximize their diving experience usually book one of these. Although it does not have to be a full ten days excursion, there are trips of five days as well. look out for bioluminescent waters at night. Enjoy the journey and let the captain navigate the waters from atoll to atoll while you relax and just dive.

10. Soaking up the Sun after all the Fun

Chillax and cool down with a refreshing coconut …. Photo Credit: Ann Lam Mei-Quen

Soaking up the sun on the beautiful island of Maldives. Photo Credit: Ann Lam Mei-Quen

Remember to chillax, soak up the sun and enjoy your resort before you fly back to reality.