2017 Charter Flights takes you to ✈ The Kingdom of Ryukyu Okinawa
Constantly moving forward is the way to explore without ever stopping, hence a new charter flight to the island of Okinawa is born!

Apple Vacations launched the first charter to Okinawa from Malaysia. Furthermore it is a direct flight taking you into world class scenery at the heart of its capital. The specialize thought-of tour will bring you to Churaumi Aquarium the world’s largest aquarium, recreated to resemble the Okinawan sea floor not forgetting the gentle giants – Whale Shark! The gentlest of its kinds.

Okinawa is blessed with a million scenic routes, there will be Cultural performances unique to Okinawa, DIY activities and also Free and Easy Day to explore at your own pace.

Famously known to the world as the ‘Oriental Hawaii” despite being part of Japan, due to it’s self-contained climate and culture, marine species, tropical jungle and a unique blend of hybrid culture between traditional Japanese and American. That is what sets it apart and makes the Okinawa atmosphere so different. Take a stroll down the streets in Okinawa, you will immediately feel the difference!

Departure Date: 22 November 2017 HOT!

Call Hotline:03-2141 8250

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Shurijo Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, served as the proud and dignified center of Ryukyu Kingdom and its politics, foreign affairs and culture.

Churaumi Aquarium – Explore the beauty and spectacular view of the undersea world particularly the giant whale sharks and manta rays.

Okashigoten – Experience DIY sweet potatoes tart at a well-known local product shop.

Kouri Island is a popular spot in Okinawa and has the longest bridge on an open road in Japan, connecting Kouri Island and Yagaji Island.

Gyokusendo Cave is the longest of the many caves in the south of Okinawa Island and the second longest cave in Japan

Naminoue Shrine in Naha is the most important shrine on Okinawa Island dedicated to nirai kanai, the source of all life in Okinawan mythology and to the sea.

Manzamo – A uniquely shaped Ryukyu limestone cliff, former coral reefs that have been eroded by the constant waves.

Mihama American Village is a large entertainment complex located in Chatan, Okinawa.