2017 Chartered Flights takes you to ✈ Hokkaido

The 8th chartered flight flying into a White Romantic Hokkaido will take place in December 2017 once more, this chartered flight has been running 7 times a year for 7 years! Hokkaido charms her way into many Malaysia’s tourist hearts. What makes them flock to her? You have to view these photo’s to be convinced!

Although winter in Hokkaido is unpredictable, the tranquillity, powder white and romantic sceneries is sufficient to seduce many people in braving the famed Hokkaido blizzard year after year! Be it with friends, families and relatives enjoy experiencing the beauty of the powdered snow, the local must-try cuisine together which creates many happy memories and even putting on a few “happy” pounds!

Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan, Hokkaido itself is not small with a population of about 5.44 million only. So few people for such a huge landmass! Leaving you with ample of space to breathe and take in the sights at a leisurely pace. Hokkaido’s main industry is agricultural, there is virtually no people pollution or the famed concrete jungles of Japan. Blessed with many natural breathtaking scenery which are well preserved and are yet to be explored by tourists. An indescribable feeling of standing on top of famed Mt. Usu-zan overlooking mesmerizing misty Lake Toya which does not freeze all year round despite the heavy snowfall due to geothermal activity below the lake. Showa Shinzan a young volcanic mountain nearby born of an eruption in 1944 on Mount Usu-zan is still active, one can view the sulfuric fumes!

For the avid skiers, Hokkaido’s white romance is a must comes end of the year, graded as world-class for its powdery white snow which blows in from Siberia. There are other winter sports such as snow boarding and snow mobile riding for those who don’t do both!

Japan’s onsen is sure a NOT-TO-MISS, soaking onsen facing the white-snow-capped fairy scenery in Hokkaido. For lovers of all things seafood,
fresh and succulent seafood caught and not imported from the waters of Hokkaido. Grilled King Crab, Abalone, Scallop, Hokkaido Crab and local gourmet cuisine!

Departure Date: December 8, 13, 18, 22, 26 HOT!

Call Hotline:03 – 2141 8250


Upon arrival in Hokkaido, you are greeted with snow fall on your 1st day!

Apple arranges your stay in one of the most prestigious Ski Resort , allowing you to not only ski to your heart contents! But to also experience the wonder of powdery white snow!

In the mornings, the outdoor chairs are covered with snow. Upon closer look you may see the patterns of snowflakes!

If you wear the colour Black, the snowflakes unique shape is even more prominent! No two snowflakes are the same.

In a winter wonderland, it is truly a waste if one does not play any winter games. Besides skiing snowmobile is also very popular!

Jigokudani (Hell Valley) has uninterrupted geothermal activity. Giving a feeling of a winter hell with steam rising…..But it is a breathtaking view to me!

Take a ropeway up Mt. Usuzan for a scenic view of the active volcano rising from the valley. Panoramic views of Lake Toya and Mt. Showa Shinzan can be viewed from Usuzan.

Hokkaido Shrine – Built in 1869 and one of the most popular temple in Hokkaido.

Otaru Canal – A picturesque century old stone warehouses along the nostalgic canal

Here every beautifully decorated box are actually music box, each music box has its own different romantic music.

On the eve of Christmas, Sapporo Park will have Christmas market, a variety of Christmas-related activities, as well as the sale. The night comes alive!

Truly giving you warm festive feeling …

Seafood is an important part of Hokkaido’s Tourism

Mouth watering fresh crabs!

In Hokkaido it is easy to find fresh seafood!

Friends who are afraid of fresh seafood?! Do not fear, a warm pot meal awaits you in Hokkaido’s winter.