The vast lands of China hides many great mountains and rivers abounding in endless beauty, many a time people are stunned with the beautiful landscape captured in photos.

The magnificent Daocheng Yading Mt. Siguniang

๐Ÿ Extreme Daocheng Yading Mt. Siguniang ๐Ÿ

The vast lands of China hides many great mountains and rivers abounding in endless beauty, many a time people are stunned with the beautiful landscape captured in photos. However the journey and drive might be challenging and tiring, coupled with unclear conditions of the road ahead deters many people from exploring.

Funny that with great monuments be it of natural landscape or made out of historical monuments, these tend to stand the test of times. But what has stood the test of time, cannot withstand the modern man-made damages! Many tourist attractions are damaged often due to the lack of enforcing strict prohibition or the attractions are lacking in facilities/amenities, thereby reducing the number of visiting tourists which also translates to a lower probability of destroying these attractions, enabling the preservation of these vistas.

Do you want to wait until there is investment of 5-star hotels in the desert and convenience stores popping up everywhere then only will you explore? It is these times when the beauty and lustre of these preserved destinations and monuments will slowly fade and disappear all together, what remains is only the beautiful view from a postcard.

๐Ÿ Earth last piece of pure land ๐Ÿ

If you are on a mission to travel back to nature, traveling to unchartered territory or wanting to explore like Alice in Wonderland, the risk taking type. Where the great mountains and magical water holds your deep attention, then you might have already traveled to Daocheng Yading Mt. Siguniang located in China, if you haven’t then this should be on your next adventure bucket list!

Geographically, Daocheng Yading Mt. Siguniang is located in the eastern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, southern Sichuan, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, at an elevation between 2900-6032 meters, in 1990’s this region has been designated as Yading National Nature Reserve Park. In China, it is currently one of the best preserved environment with alpine ecosystems in the world. Therefore Daocheng Aden wonderland is known as the Shangri-La …… the last piece of pure land on earth.

The vistas which greets you are the uneven snow capped mountains, magnificent to the eyes against a blue sky as backdrop on a bright sunny day, forested plateau and rivers, glacier-fed lakes and hot springs. Comparatively different from other highland plateaus due to the humidity at certain temperature, Yading Nature Reserve have a wealth of wildlife, unique hydrology and weather landscape. Due to its remoteness, tourist development is still at its infant stage, for the love of those who are not afraid of the hard hinterlands of this paradise on earth.

Do not wait any longer to visit Daocheng Yading Mt. Siguniang, the earlier the better before the many who will eventually come to discover and steal the essence of this wonderland leaving in its wake the many footprints which comes with developments ………………

Departure Dates: 20 September, 18 October (limited), 22 October (limited) HOT!

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There is a beautiful legend behind Mt. Siguniang …

The Tibetan houses facing the beautiful mountains