Apple’s 21st Anniversary is celebrated with a 5-days Travel Fiesta. If you already have a destination in your mind, then you should not wait longer, just drop by and find out more. We at 1 Utama Shopping Complex is waiting for you!


Apple’s 21st Anniversary is celebrated with a 5-days Travel Fiesta. If you already have a destination in your mind, then you should not wait longer, just drop by and find out more. We at 1 Utama Shopping Complex is waiting for you!

Travel Reason 1
Early Bird Specials

As Apple Travel Fiesta is in full swing, one should not miss out on our Early Bird Specials! Enjoy savings of up to RM4,000* per couple on certain tour packages and great discounts on our diverse range of products and offerings. At the same time for those who have signed up with us, you can take place on a Daily Lucky Draw! Don’t miss this chance. (* T&C Apply)

Are you the lucky one?

Travel Reason 2
Apple’s 21st Limited Edition Travel Luggage

To top off the 21st Anniversary celebration, we also do have giveaways for Apple’s Limited edition Travel Luggage to our lucky customers! (*T&C Apply)

Travel Reason 3
Chartered & Exclusive Destinations

We are the pioneer and the only Malaysian travel Company engaging in chartered flights to Hokkaido, Bhutan and Okinawa. As this is already our 8th year in operating these chartered flights. This year we are introducing Osaka as a new travel destination to explore.

Travel Reason 4
Feel the Enthusiasm of APPLE

In this 5-days Travel Fiesta, the team is lead by professional tour leaders and experienced tour guides. Be it if you just passing by, or you want to find out more on a destination and of course an inquiry on our tour. Please drop by and feel the “Ondo” … keeping the temperature and momentum. Drop by and feel the warm hospitality of Apple-nians.

Travel Reason 5
Product Sharing.

For the past two days there were product sharing to Hawaii, Okinawa, Korea, Japan, Switzerland and Bavaria, Bhutan. Today it was to Tasmania, Honshu cuisine, Hokkaido, India, etc., In 5 days of travel, every day has a different destination, spread out in a day. The tour leaders will sometimes share their own experience, you will be winning gift from Q & A session at the end.

Travel Reason 6
FUN Games!

At the fair ground we have many types of games and activities for children AND adults! Where everyone who completes the task is able to walk away with a prize!

Game Gate 2 Stack the wooden blocks and balance for 5 seconds

Game Gate 5 All the way from Korea – 3D AR Trickeye. Even Aussie Koala got shocked by the intimidating Dragon!!! First in MALAYSIA!!

Travel Reason 7
DIY Experience

A special edition to this years FIESTA is the DIY sessions personally facilitated by Taiwan Leisure Farm Association partners and Carpenters which are a brother and sister team who will teach you how to do many types of items such as chopsticks, pen holders and you can bring them back!

The Aussie Kangaroo is also curious to know the DIY sessions!

Travel Reason 8
Taiwanese Street Food Cuisine

Travel and food can never be a separate experience and is one of the most important. Apple do understand the importance of this! Hence we have with us for 3 Days as well all the way from Taiwan, bidding you to come and taste the delicious Spring Onion Pancake and Rice Noodle!! Also from our friends in the Taiwan Leisure Farm Association!

The delicious Taiwanese Spring Onion Pancake! A MUST TRY!

our Taiwanese friends making them for you!

Taiwanese Rice Noodle! The Kick is in the Spiciness of the Noodle!

Travel Reason 9
Brand New APPLE VACATIONS Apps – Apple One Club for loyal customers

Apple Vacations has recently launched APPLE VACATIONS Apps and Apple One Club for loyal customers! Looking to the future and bringing APPLE to the finger tips of our customers. There will be the latest travel information, most important as well the redemption points accumulated can be checked in an instant and many more …

Download APPLE VACATIONS Apps and receive a mystery gift!

Travel Reason 10
A reason for you to TRAVEL!!

Sometimes in our busy day to day schedule, all of us do need a push factor to start the ball rolling in order for us to TRAVEL! You need a reminder of why our lives are beautiful and it is full of journeys. We at APPLE and APPLE TRAVEL FIESTA 2017 creates this opportunity and assist you in making great memories for you and your family or even with a group of friends! For what is life without a journey. Don’t wait too long!!

Don’t wait lets TRAVEL

Finally! This is the LAST THREE DAYS!! We are waiting for you at One Utama!!

Apple Travel Fiesta 2017


Date: From 2nd August – 6th August, 2017
Time: 10am to 10pm
Venue: 1 Utama Shopping Centre (LG Oval, Centre Court)


Apple Asia: 03-2414 8250
Apple Signature West:03-2143 3939
Apple Flexi: 03-2143 8877


On 3rd August, Apple welcomed our visiting guests from Japan National Tourism Organization Kuala Lumpur (JNTO-KL). (Left to Right)Executive Director of JNTO Kuala Lumpur Office Ms. Chiemi Maruyama, Koh San and Hijiri Banji.