Winter is known as a holiday season, but for tourists from countries which experience 365 days of sunshine, there might be concerns on little things such as how many meals to consume during winter? Will my body adapt to the temperature? What kind of physical or mental adjustment must I make? What do I need to prepare before a winter trip? Let us find out more!


WINTER KNOWLEDGE ONE : Why is it during winter we tend to get hungry all the time?

“Tour Leader when is our next meal?”
“Tour Leader, I am constantly hungry ~”

Yes, during winter you have a tendency to get hungry much quicker. This is because the human body tends to acclimatize with its surroundings, automatically once you are in a cold environment your metabolism kicks in producing heat to keep your body temperature warm against the chill of winter. Naturally you are burning more energy without much exercise, the source of energy normally should be replenished through food that you consumed. More so for those who do not have an ounce of fat! Just saying!

A HEARTY BREAKFAST IS A MUST. It is usually much more colder early in the morning during winter, coupled with the body’s blood sugar level is a little lower as you wake from your sleep, all the more reasons for one to ensure to have a big breakfast. The three meals a day rule is important. By having a hearty breakfast in the morning, lunch and of course dinner, this will ensure you will not let winter chills get to you. (* Do not worry on gaining wait should you practice a hearty breakfast, as it will be burned off in the winter weather when you go about on your tours)

A TIP: You might pack along some snacks such as chocolate bar, energy or muesli bar or candy in case of a long journey.

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WINTER KNOWLEDGE TWO : By drinking warm beverage can we keep warm?

Most certainly not! Well at least not for a very long time ….

When one consume hot beverage during, it certainly will give you a warm fuzzy feeling as the beverage trickles down warming up your body. But just as fast as it warms your body, the heat will also dissipate real fast. Perhaps wine would be a better choice to retain the heat in your body. Not all wines are suitable to be consumed during winter for it has different effects accordingly, you can’t really generalize all the wines.

Drinking wine during winter is a good choice to warm up the body, ideally in doors.
Reason: Drinking cold wine and drinking it outdoors might cause a cold shock to the senses and it might be harmful to the body. Choosing to drink warm wines for maximum effect of warmth is a great way to stay warm. For example warm Sake is an excellent choice!

If you are keen to choose other beverage than wine, i would recommend liquor to a cold beer!
Reason:Beer is of course drank chilled to enjoy its taste, it’s more suitable during summer season. Well if you would like to warm up your body that is. A good aged scotch nit or whiskey would be an ideal choice to keep you warm for hours. Tingles on your toes that is. Goes very well if you take it with your tea or coffee. Delicious way to stay warm I must say!

Drinking alcohol to keep warm in winter varies from person to person.
Reason:Under normal circumstances drinking alcoholic beverage will keep the body warm, but should one have some special physical need such as gastrointestinal problems, respiratory diseases or if the person has a certain sickness and is consuming medication. Best to avoid such beverages.


WINTER KNOWLEDGE THREE : Why does the body trembles?

Do not ignore these little signs, better to take notice if it’s a more serious condition.

During winter and touring the vistas or playing winter activities such as skiing or riding on snowmobile. One will encounter the winter winds blowing into the face area, which in-turn brings chills down to the body, causing you to shiver. A normal situation where the body mechanism produces heat to keep the vital body parts at the right temperature. But should you jitter more than the usual, then it’s perhaps best to seek medical attention.

Everyone has a different reaction to the chills of winter, if you want to prevent the cold try not to expose the skin areas. It is vital to keep warm from head to toe!