Traveling is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and eye-opening moment as a tourist, imagine your excitement in finally arriving at the destination of your dreams ….. with the right friends of course.

Post-travel Friendship Break-up
8 Types of travel companions who will cause you to break out in cold sweat!

Eight Kind of Friends Who Will Turn you Into Having #Nightmare #Travelphobia with other #Friends in Future.

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and eye-opening moment as a tourist, imagine your excitement in finally arriving at the destination of your dreams, but you might not be able to enjoy and experience as much if you are travelling with the following type of friends.
* Special thanks to those who have shared your thoughts and experiences, for the protection of the travellers we have used a pseudonym instead of the actual name, thank you for your kind understanding. Enjoy reading!


1. Constantly glued to the Mobile Phone
” Better to just stay home and play with the phone, why travel abroad for?!”
Many would agree that smartphones are very much part of our lifestyle and we cannot travel without them, but in anycase there are also certain limits on how much one should be playing with it. Being glued to the mobile phone constantly will cause your traveling companions to be annoyed.

Glued to the phone and did not pay attention to where the group is heading to, when the group moved to another area she blamed us on having left her behind! (Jo)
The group is having an awesome time doing stuff, but only he is left out due to constantly playing with phone …. he should have stayed home instead, agreed?!(by Eggy)


2. The “DIVA”
” I do not wish to visit there, go on your own if you want to without me!”
If it is just the Diva you can ignore her “divaness”, but it is the court jesters and her ladies in waiting which you might want to be careful of. They will ask you – the “common people” to listen to the Queen!

A time has been fixed to meet in the hotel lobby, the diva will be the last to get up and taking her sweet time to bath and make-up and do not care for the group waiting for her!(by Kenji)
When the chosen destination is based on who has the most votes and not the diva’s choice, her face is as black and it seems like the group is dragging a lump behind every where they go. (by Adrien)
Our group of 6 travellers …… a lot of weird behaviour, this can’t, that can’t, a kill-joy! She wanted to stay at the hotel, the worst thing is she forced her sister to stay with her, in the end it seems as if only 4 friends who are traveling instead of 6 ….. (by Alvin)


3. The overly emotional sensitive ones
“…..” (putting on a black face, but don’t speak up)
An “overly” emotional person, it’s like a person who is in need of timely medication. We generally do not mind this odd behaviour, but when they do not seem to take the medication on “time” that’s when things can go weirdly wrong while you are traveling together with this personality type ………

It was a beach holiday with the mates …. playing by the beach and laughing our hearts out … having a good time, all of a sudden she quietly walked away, disappeared, tried calling her phone -switched off, but when we got back to hotel room …. she was taking an hour-long shower. (by Lavin)
I once traveled with a friend who had a black face and use to just leave the group on and off ….. (by Will)


4. Takes “Going Dutch” the extreme way ……
“I’ve eaten a lesser portion from that dish, therefore let’s split the bill according to portions ………”
I agree with going dutch when traveling with friends, but when it comes down to calculate splitting the bill down to the very last cent – that is extreme. There is no wrong or right in this, just different perspective I guess. So choose your traveling companion carefully!


5. Just outright rude!
” he not only took out his shoes in the cabin and proceed to place his feet in-between the front passenger’s hand rest!”
For the type (5) friends, one must pay special attention to them in the public due to certain behaviour or fetishes which can put pressure on the group when on a holiday together ……..

I have a classmate who steals tableware from all hotel’s restaurant he visits and he can show them to you while smiling conspiratorially and blatantly putting them in his bag! Of all the things to do! (by Jim)
We were “accidentally” too excited and were noisy in the public, I am ashamed and tell everyone around “they” are from another country and that I do not know them ……. (by Panda)


6. Did not consult the group, just make own decision
” this place is not good, let’s change another place”
Now this type of friend are those who stay silent when there is a discussion during planning of trip, but on actual day of travel, he comes up with a lot of suggestions and comments, causing the pre-planned itinerary to change and suit his suggestion.

A booked and paid deposit for the restaurant had to be burned just because he wanted to change venue! It really did not matter if he does not like that restaurant, but he kept “quiet” when asked so we proceed to book and paid!(by Lara)
If whole group of friends are not strong-minded or opinionated, in fact this is a good type of friend to have …… (by Hui)


7. Two-Face
“yes it’s all good, no problem”
That is what the two-face friend will say when asked, next thing you know …. you’re reading the complains on social media about how terrible the trip was arranged.

It is fake, but it does not really bother me to travel with these kinds of friends…..(by TFL)
The two-face kind of friends has its uses, when I need the numbers to make-up a group tour, I will count them in anytime! After the tour, we can part ways. It’s not like we have to be BFF’s (Best-Friends for Ever) ….(by Jeff)


8. We all fear the “complainer” or even worst “a complainer” without an apt mind……>.<
“any travel arrangements done by you is the wrong choice”
The complainer does not help by giving advice or opinions about the travel trip, but will complain till the cows come home about the arrangements!

Why did you choose this kind of motel? You think I cannot pay for a 5 star hotel meh? (by Deer)
….. “if I knew better I will stay at home” ….. If I knew better I will not invite you for this trip!!! …(by J.John)


For those who have been subjected to traveling a few days with the above 8 personality types, once back, you might have psychological disturbances or emotional fear of travelling with a companion in future #Travelphobia. If you suspect you have the above problems, do not escape but face it.
The following is a list of websites related to counselling and welfare bodies in Malaysia to help you:

List of Malaysia Government and NGO Counselling Centres
Eve Caring Centre
Malaysian Psychiatric Association


Choose your travel mates with care, cherish your sanity and life. (This is a community service)