When most of world is experiencing the height of winter chills in December and January, Tasmania the largest island in South Australia is experiencing the height of purple bloom.

What’s Special In Tasmania?

Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Tasmania ……. of romance, adventure, sheer determination and legacy.

WHEN MOST OF THE WORLD is experiencing the height of winter chills in December and January, Tasmania the largest island in South Australia is experiencing the height of purple bloom. Not just any bloom, but the highest quality of a single strand of flower! Let me bring you through the legacy of Bridestowe Lavender Estate. A must visit when in Tasmania.

In 1921 London perfumer CK Denny started life with his family in Tasmania. Finding the soil of the land and weather surprisingly comparable with the lavender regions of Provence, France he set his dreams in the grounds of North Lilydale by planting the lavender seeds obtained from the southern French Alps. Known as “Lavandula angustifolia” the true French Lavender. In three years time it had enough harvest to distil oil. With test samples sent to London for analysis, it is confirmed that the quality of the lavender oil is at par with their French counterpart. 25 years later the farm relocated to Bridestowe Lavender Estate where it flourished till this day.

Yes, no doubt there are many beautiful lavender fields across Australia, but none can compare in its pureness to Bridestowe Lavender Estate. In keeping with tradition only the “Lavandula angustifolia” species has been in used. Making it the largest privately owned lavender estate standing at 260 acres with 650,000 plants of a single species – true French Lavender. Not only did the Denny’s succeed in the planting and growing technique, but also in pioneering the modern harvesting and distilling technique to maximize the purest of Lavender oil. Today its innovation is adopted by Lavender estates around the world and set as a benchmark. By the way there are 39 species of Lavender found in the world till date.

Do you know how many kilograms of flowers it takes to produce one kilogramme of purest essential lavender oil?
100 Kilogramme flower to 1 kilograme of pure essential lavender oil.

There are 500,000 resident honey bees and they produce the unique light and sweet honey from a singular flower. Due to the rows of a single species on Bridestowe Lavender fields where the honey farm is located.

Worthy of multiple selfies, wefies or professional photography from the blue skies to its miles and miles of purple fields, to its old distillery, to its signature ice-creams and handmade gifts. Do not forget to bring back part of Bridestowe Lavender magic with you.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate and beautiful lavenders.

When the blooms are at its peak, beautiful sea of deep purple.

Signature Bridestowe Estate Lavender Ice Cream

Night view at Bridestowe Lavender Estate. Photo Credit by Mia Glastonbury.

Distilled Premium Lavender Oil

Bobbie Bear reached international fame in 2015 with President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng. Photo Credit The Weekly Times

Bobbie bear ( stuffed lavender teddy bear) which reached international fame and is a must have, only produced at 40,000 per year and you can only purchase one bear to a customer! How is that for exclusivity?! The craze is massive in China made famous by Chinese model Zhang Xinyu propelled Bobbie bear to fame and not forgetting to mention President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng was presented with one in 2015 when visiting Tasmania. The Chinese Immigration now banning any import of bear with lavender stuffings as they are many counterfeit ones, which are reported stuffed with moths ball and weevils, hence the ban in China.

Signature lavender marshmallows Photo Credit Bridestowe Lavender Estate

A delightful sweet with an elegant fusion of flavours to enjoy alone or with your favourite hot chocolate.
Click For:Lavender Earl Grey Marshmallows Recipe

Gourmet usage of the lavender honey.

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