Century Cruise Ship operates with a Five-Star Hotel Standard in design and service, the ship is equipped with satellite positioning system, providing a piece of mind for its passengers on-board in terms of safety measures.

Six Amazing Reasons to cruise with Century Cruise Ship

Be it from accommodation, meals, transportation, entertainment, sightseeing …. whenever a decision has been made to travel on a cruise, all your needs and concerns are taken care off.
You need only to happily link hands with your family while you board the ship!

The moment you step foot on the cruise, it would literally be your home for the next few days of your journey. On the ship, you can relax in a leisurely manner, while enjoying the scenery on the sun deck, or exploring the facilities offered on board ….. the cruise will arrive at the next destination. You only need to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Another crucial point to relish your choice in choosing a cruise, is of course by making the right one. As long as the choice is correct, it guarantees your experience and ultimate enjoyment of the journey. Cruising along Yangtze River where the Three Gorges Dam is situated, will only make this journey all the more important.

Travel Reason One (1)
Resting your mind, while opening your heart to enjoy the journey

Once on board, calling it home for the next few days, you can live freely having no need to restrain or worry yourself. For all is well taken care of. If you are very much interested at a certain destination which the cruise ship will stop, you can choose to disembark and tour the place. If you are not, you can always choose to stay on-board and continue to enjoy the facilities. It’s a like a huge luxurious moving accommodation …. the vessel moves, but you will wake to different albeit beautiful scenery and destination in the same room.

Travel Reason Two (2)
A Splendid Way To Travel

The number one pet peeve for many travelers is the need to be in a constant state of rush when traveling, rushing to catch flights, rushing to finish your meals, rushing to the toilet, rushing to the next point. You really will miss the beautiful sceneries! All too common feedback when in a group while touring, not to mention sometimes too long a journey on the road might even lower the level of enjoyment of the journey. One should not let the journey be worthless, am I correct?

Now, cruising is altogether a whole new level of enjoyment. You are on the ship, just relax take your time to play some of the activities offered onboard, not necessarily only that there are attractions on shore. Even while dining in the cabin you can enjoy the rare beautiful sceneries as it pass you by outside.

Travel Reason Three (3)
Cruise Ship = A more In-depth Travel

A satisfying journey should not be just about reaching and visiting a destination, but the unpredictable joy which appears while discovering new things, places and cultures. There are a variety of recreational facilities on the cruise ship, whether it is a gym (all inclusive), a library for book lovers, or entertainment programs such as a cinema room etc …. To go a step further in preparing for the ultimate experience is a sauna room, massage and beauty salons, so many choices to choose from!

The Theater

The Grand lobby area

There are many entertainments prepared on board, as well as the many different types of cuisine!

Enjoy the comforts of your Five-Star Hotel room, without the hassle of changing hotels upon reaching a new destination, a refreshing way to travel.

Travel Reason Four (4)
Best Family Oriented Tours

Traveling on a cruise is actually very suitable for the young and old, both can equally enjoy to the fullest. It not only cut down on logistics headaches which are common when traveling with a family which comprises a range of age. This is very suitable when you are traveling with elderly parents, at the same time your children are occupied with on-board activities and not forgetting the safety aspects.

The most important thing is you do not need to change hotel everyday, one do not have to pack and unpack luggagages when on tours due to the many diffrent places to visit.

Travel Reason Five (5)
Food!! The cuisine does not repeat itself. Introducing New flavours

A very important part of travel is food!

Even if the scenery is very exotic and you have walked the interesting streets, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” says George Bernard Shaw (Author of Man and Superman), if the love for food is the most sincerest then surely it is the epitome of that country’s culture!

Do not believe the myth and stereotype sayings that food on a cruise does not please the palate, in fact every meal is a discovery, from the appetizers, to the choices of Chinese and Western dishes and hot soup, fruits, desserts are never repeated! When arriving to a new destination, you can be sure to taste the local delights!

The night view is just simply spectacular, surely a sight to behold for it is not an everyday you get to see such night scenes.

Travel Reason Six (6)
FIVE STAR EXPERIENCE • Safe Cruising on the Yangtze River

After the completion of the Three Gorges Dam, the water level as a whole is stable and safe for tourism. In addition to this, Century Cruise Ship has been built by international standards and “Century Cruises has adopted China national marine rules strictly and keeps a fame of ships of safety and credibility for years by both Ministry of Communication and National Tourism Bureau”. Not only does it operates its cruise with a five-star standard, each ship is fitted with satellite positioning cruise, this gives their valued passengers a piece of mind.