The rich golden liquid has been coined the nectar of gods since the prehistoric and ancient days.

What’s Special In Tasmania? Going for Golden Liquid in Tasmania, Leatherwood Honey

Mole Creek’s Leatherwood Honey.

The rich golden liquid has been coined the nectar of gods since prehistoric and ancient days. It has been found documented that honey has been used as an antibacterial antidote for burns and cuts, as the first sweeteners and for its beauty benefits. It is said the oldest honey dates back 3,000 years was found in the Pyramids by archeologists and that it is still consumable. Manuscripts from ancient China has documented that royals only consume honey and it is even added into the wine. Many more such rich history.

Honey in ancient Egypt is equally as sacred …..

Do you know that honey is the only food which will not go bad? But it’s got to be stored properly.

Today you may find 50 other types of honey produced in Tasmania but it’s star is the Leatherwood Flower accounting for 70% of honey produced from Tasmania. As nowhere else on earth can you find Leatherwood Honey, not even in other parts of Australia. European bees were first introduced to Tasmania in 1831 followed by Italian bees in 1884. From there on the honey industry has grown, unique only unto Tasmanians.

What’s so special or as the Aussies says – what’s all the fuss?

The Leatherwood trees are wild and can only be found deep in the great forests of Tasmania. It takes a leatherwood tree 70 years to mature into a nectar bearing tree. The honey bees are transported by a special rail train track (ABT funicular track) deep into the wild south west coast of the Tasmania’s forest by the apiarists where no-roads are available hence making it inaccessible to the public. This is done between the flowering month of January to April only. Hence the Leatherwood honey might actually be a nectar from a 100 to 200 years old tree!

South west Forest of Tasmania is generally much more wetter compared to other parts of Tasmania. This is where the Leatherwood tree thrives.

West Coast Wilderness Railway

Leatherwood tree flowers

Leatherwood honey ingredients ……

It’s a mono what? Mono means singular, one, the only ………

Monofloral honey meaning it’s nectar is pure 100% Leatherwood flowers and have been recognized by the international Slow Food movement and has been included in the Ark of Taste. Honey connoisseur compares the taste of leatherwood honey to the rest like a red wine is to a grape. While some compares the honey like how you would to a fine whisky – “the” single malt whiskies of Scotland.

Up Close the Leatherwood tree flowers. Beautiful aren’t they?

If you ask a Tasmanian what does it taste like?

They will tell you it tastes like the wilderness! Just like wine, it’s described as full bodied – very fine with a subtle spice and savory quality, sometimes piquant and delicious musky note. It has a robust, floral, complex and distinct aroma. Or like the experts put it in an overall experience, the sensation of eating this honey is very pleasurable as it’s creamy, buttery, low in acidity and melts in the mouth.

Blue Hills Leatherwood Honey

Would you like to get some Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey today? A more healthier choice than sugar as a sweetener.

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