Department of Tourism Taoyuan Director General Mr. Yang Sheng-Ping

Tourism Department, Taoyuan City Government is looking towards South East Asia joining other industry players in seeking new business opportunities.

With the adoption of an open visa-free measure for Southeast Asia countries, the growth of visitors has increased significantly, according to Tourism Bureau, Republic of China. Returning visitors both from Singapore and Malaysia to Taiwan is approximately 70% overall, where 72% out of the returning visitors are accounted purely as tourist on leisure travels. Based on the Taoyuan Tourism Department statistics, accommodation catering to Malaysians and Singaporeans respectively grew by 27% and 23% comparing to the same period last year. Taoyuan City Government has discovered this is an opportunity to further promote Taoyuan, hence taking the advantage in pursuing a partnership with China Airlines to launch tie-ups such as additional discounts for FIT packages (hotels+flight tickets) in-bound to Taipei-Taoyuan Airport. Tourist can explore the city by self-guided tours with the help of fully integrated MRT systems, vast choices of hotels for accommodation and restaurants to choose from, as well as locally produced souvenirs.

Greetings with a dancing introduction to the unique local gourmet offered by Taoyuan.

Taiwan Taoyuan Travel promotion will be held respectively on the 17th October 2017 at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur and 19th October 2017 Four Points, Singapore. An exciting highlight for guests would be an introduction of Taoyuan’s famous cuisine. Using the translation of arts, a special Taoyuan dance performance during the food presentation of dishes to bring out the significance of the flavors. Dishes such as the famed Taoyuan Daxi dried beancurd, Longgang noodle, Longtan peanut candy pairing with the local exquisite tea of course will be presented to the honored guests to sample. Present to host are Department of Tourism, Taoyuan Director-General Mr. Yang, Shen-Ping, International Muslim Tourism Industry Development Association Chairman, Ishag Shiao Chi, Ma, Hotel Trade Union Chairman Mr. Chen Yin-Jui, Hotel Orchard Park Director Mr. Li San-Lien, Amay Noodle Chairman Mr. Simon Wang and 168 Group of Hotel General Manager Mr. Danny Lai. These important group of people are committed in driving the Taoyuan tourism industry and will be giving their full support in hosting the esteemed guests for the night. Supporting the initiative through this, building platforms where new co-operation and business opportunities can be obtained with committed business partners. As well as bringing in fresh attraction and a different facade of Taoyuan as “the” destination in Taiwan.

Amay dancers. A special Taoyuan dance performance during the food presentation of dishes to bring out the significance of the flavors.

Department of Tourism Taoyuan Director General Mr. Yang Sheng-Ping has mentioned during his speech, many visitors have a very unfamiliar and surface information about Taoyuan. Besides knowing Taoyuan International Airport, many have not really taken time to get to know the surrounding areas of Taoyuan. They always think that Taoyuan is a part of Taipei, which is not in actual fact. On the other hand ever since the MRT from Taoyuan has established, be it if you are traveling up north of Taiwan or down south, having made the journey very convenient. Hence in these few years there are many mega-concerts taking place at Taoyuan. For example there is a very famous rock band Mayday has also held a record breaking 11 times of concert at Taoyuan. Furthermore during Christmas and New Years Eve will also be hosting their concert at Taoyuan!

Joining hands with local travel agencies to develop new Muslim tourism market.

In addition to this initiative, the main goal is to also build strong and lasting bilateral ties with the local agencies in developing the Muslim tourism market, the Taoyuan City Government is working together with Global Alliance Travel Services Sdn Bhd based in Kuala Lumpur and have come up with an exciting package for 300 persons, 6 days 5 nights Muslim tour series which includes in its itinerary the old Daxi Street, Guo Yuan Ye cookies museum, miniature world and etc. That is not all, accommodation has been organized with the utmost consideration, the group will stay in Chuto Plaza Hotel and Galaxy Hotel, Taoyuan City Government has even made special arrangements by topping up and extra service at the Hotel Orchard Park in organizing halal meals and also a prayer mats for those who observe the prayer times, this is to make sure Muslim travelers feel at ease, safe and welcomed! This package has already been launched in during the recent MATTA in September, targeting families for the upcoming November-December Malaysian school holidays. Hence will be expecting an influx of Malaysian Muslim tourist to Taoyuan from the 17th October onwards.

The Department of Tourism, Taoyuan Director-General, Mr. Yang Sheng-Ping has mentioned that there are seven mosques in Taiwan, two of these mosque are found here at Taoyuan respectively in Long Gang and Da Yu district. Further more Taoyuan has ranked second spot for having the most Muslim-halal friendly hotels and restaurants in Taiwan. Recently they are actively conducting muslim-halal related courses in classroom to the local tourism industry. With hopes to educate, create the right environment for Muslim family travelers and at the same time obtain the necessary recognition to attract more tourists!

Airport MRT making the journey smooth and easy traveling around Taoyuan

In order to diversify and provide more flexible choices for free and easy travelers, Taoyuan City Government has collaborated with China Airlines to launch a package which includes additional discounts on its duty merchandises, package examples such as travel 2 day and 1 night in Malaysia, the smallest MYR1,200 can be made and SGD550 for Singapore. For those who did sign up for private tour packages are entitled to 1 free MRT Card, a 1 day pass of Tourist Shuttle Bus for CiHu – Xiaowulai Line, sightseeing factory discount cards and etc. This special offer is to help visitors who are visiting Taoyuan for the first time traveling easier, giving them the chance to explore Taoyuan at a leisurely pace by MRT, experience the many unique and delicious street food found, having different theme and things to play, one-of-a-kind itinerary. At the same time feel the heartbeat of Taoyuan cityscape.

Department of Tourism Taoyuan Director-General Mr. Yang Sheng-Ping has mentioned that this would be the first time this year Taoyuan’s tourism board is promoting overseas. The purpose is to bring the Taoyuan industry players together with hope and plans so that a good tie-up and long-term relationship can be established with the overseas industry players and media. At the same time it is in the pipeline, that they will arrange FAM trips for the overseas business players, media and bloggers to visit Taoyuan, enabling them to experience in all forms and to promote Taoyuan furthermore.

(L-R)Taiwan Tourism Bureau KL Office Director Mr. Wu Tsung-Lin, Representative to Malaysia Mr. Chang, James Chi-ping, Department of Tourism Taoyuan Director General Mr. Yang Sheng-Ping

Amay dancers serving the Longgang noodle with the traditional dance.