The Ministry Of Education has officially announced 2018 Malaysian school classes and holidays timetable. With this, parents can now plan ahead! The total number of days in classroom for next year is 214 days in total; the total number of school holidays is 72 days.

An Awesome Holiday, Is The Best Gift To Your Child

Mummy and Daddy where are we going?

Planning next year’s holidays ahead for your family around the Malaysian school holidays just became possible, a long and meaningful holiday with grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins is the best. Where strong family bonds are build and whatmore children traveling on long breaks is like an open classroom, where they learn how to interact with different cultures and broaden their general knowledge. Apple Vacations has come up with an easy reference timetable!! No more hassle, just safe this information below:

Click on link: Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE)