15 Things To Do in Madrid

When someone says I’m heading to Madrid! What is the first thing that comes to mind or the first image that floats-up in your eyes? Of bright cloudless blue skies and baroque buildings or are you immediately transported to the football game going on live, hearing the crowd cheer?

After all is it not the birthplace of not one, but two powerhouse football teams? In Fact the mere mention of Madrid transports those who have been there with the sight, sound and smell of the city. One can’t help but sigh and perhaps mentally start planning for round two!

But for those who have not been, don’t worry we have a list of 15 things to do in Madrid for you! Either you are a traveler which do not know where to start or the type who wants to do everything and go everywhere at once in Madrid.

Madrid has got much more to offer, being the capital city of Spain and the third-largest city and metropolitan area in the European Union.

It’s a romantic twist of bygone eras and modern upbeat, after all Spanish being the language of love makes it easy to fall in love with Madrileños. Here are 15 more reasons to fall in love deeper with Madrid …….

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11. Cozy and Beautiful Museums in Madrid: Sorolla Museum.

El-Museo Sorolla (Sorolla Museum)

Joaquin Sorolla born in 1863 in Valencia, Spain would never imagine his works would have survived and what more being revered till this day. Being one of the few painters whose work was recognized and praised during his lifetime.

Located at No. 37 of Paseo del General Martinez Campos, his legacy was preserved by his wife Clotilde García del Castillo. Which at his passing collected his paintings and open it to the public. His paintings are distinctive unto his own, having a special light inspired by the beaches of Valencia his birthplace. For art lovers of all forms, one must visit this great artist home El-Museo Sorolla. In his honor after his passing the Spanish National Dance Company has even produced a ballet called Sorolla based on his paintings. Bringing the spirit of his paintings alive through the art of dance.

12. Madrid’s Museo Taurino (Bullfighting Museum).

Madrid’s Museo Taurino

Coming from these part of South East Asia, many have associated bullfighting with Spain. We see them as very much as part of the Iberian culture steeped in tradition. When in Madrid, do not lose out on the opportunity to visit the Plaza Monumental de las Ventas del Espíritu Santo (Las Ventas Bullring) where the Museo Taurino is located. In the museum one will come across the past famous “picador” of Madrid, its rich history and the preservation of this ancient art. Most pieces are donated by great masters. Satisfy your curiosity of the art of bullfighting, especially those who enter this world for the first time.

One can find the rich history within its walls. Many are donated by the past picador

13. Stroll along Gran Via ….. the main artery.

Stroll along Gran Via

Being the main artery as its namesake “the Great Way”, Gran Via is known as the street that never sleeps. Being the heart of Madrid, the street that leads from Calle de Alcala, which is close to Plaza de Cibeles and reaching to Plaza de Espana makes every visitor and locals alike pausing every few steps to capture the moment!

Upon arrival to the bustling area, perhaps many will recognize prominent facade of The Metropolis Building made available on many award winning photos of Madrid, not forgetting as a film location for films such as The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, the famous movie – Open Your Eyes casting Penelope Cruz.

During the day time, there are an abundance of shops fitting each individual budget to be found, comes evening the night crowds emerge for tapas and wines bar hopping. A gastronomy delight! Comes as no surprise the many hotels which crowds the area. Giving visitors plenty of choice to choose from the humble hostel to a five star hotel equipped with a pool.

Those staying closest to the streets, can just head back for a siesta if they need a rest from too much walking, and continue the exploring Gran Via when the energy is restored. Yes there are lots of people mingling, walking or just relaxing enjoying a drink or two at a bar. Wanting to be seen here at Gran Via. Here you can find Spain’s version of Broadway as well if you are a person who loves catching live play.

14. Madrid’s pulse – Catch the music scene live.

Catch musicals at The Teatro Lope de Vega

The contemporary art and music scene is never a dull moment in Madrid. International plays and bands from all genre perform at this pulsing city attracting a flock of fans each year. Always there is a choice suiting each persons flavour from the Ballet performances to theatrics held at Lope de Vega Theatre where plays such as such as ‘La Bella y la Bestia’ (Beauty and the Beast), ‘Mamma Mia!’, ‘Les miserables’ (Les Miserables) or ‘El rey león’ (The Lion King), it also hosted the 1st Goya Awards in 1997 and the Spanish Cinema Writers Circle Awards.

For those who are lovers of Jazz, there is a Madrid International Jazz Festival happening in November this year. Even Harry Potter cannot resist Madrid! A big hit last year, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Concert, they are returning this year to finish the second part of the saga. The magic will be whipped at WiZink Centre.

15. El Rastro most famous and oldest flea market.

El Rastro Madrid’s most famous and oldest flea market

Last but not least for those who likes a good hunting for unique treasures, spending a day at El Rastro is a must. Taking place every Sunday and public holiday, it is the most famous and oldest flea market in Madrid. Located at the Central District of in the Ambassadors neighborhood. The trail stretches along Plaza de Cascorro and Ribera de Curtidores, between Calle Embajadores and the Ronda de Toledo (just south of La Latina metro station).

Starts at 9am the best time to go is in the morning about 11am that is when its peak, and ends around 3pm. Antique hunters heaven, to bring back a bauble or two of significant value to the purchaser. Haggle your way through and find the satisfaction of achieving an agreement between both. A treasure trove of all kinds of local items and artworks found in the 3,500 stalls. You may also perhaps come across good leather workmanship made in Madrid, Spain.

Laze around the many tapas bar by noon with a beer or two. Just people watching and soaking up the atmosphere here. Get to know and enjoy the area of La Latina, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Madrid.

Source from:Comunidad De Madrid