Photo Credit: The Business Insider


Today, traveling has been a way of life. Now, Hotels has played a huge part of our comforts when we are on the road. Be it for business or pleasure. Hence many still choose a hotel over an airbnb-type of stay. Here are 5 Tips where you can optimize your stay on the road.

TIP 1 – Do Not Skip Free Continental Breakfast

ONE CAN CHOOSE complimentary continental breakfast, as many hotels are offering this choice. The complimentary continental breakfast includes coffee and tea, a choice of dry cereals, fruits or even pastries. Even though having breakfast arranged for you elsewhere, don’t dismiss it altogether. Stop by and pick up a muffin or a fruit as an emergency back-up should you need a quick snack later on in the day. You never know!

An awesome thing for the business travelers, the tourist or for the mother’s with young kids going about town. What more is that the on-the-go breakfast or pick-me-up coffee and pastry are packaged differently according to hotels. Don’t we simply love being pampered?!

A perky On-The-Go Breakfast by Hotel Jen Manila

Awesome ideas and will make you want to pack some. Sincerely done!

The counters are designed to invite you to pick and choose what you need on the road.

It comes in different designs. Refreshing especially for business travelers who call hotels home away from home.

So the next round you are traveling and have no time for breakfast, remember to grab-and-go!

To note: The writer is an ex-hotelier who knows how happy it makes “hotel associates” whenever guests fully utilize these amenities AND appreciates them of course …… preferably with a thank you would be nice.