2017 Apple Vacations First Chartered Flight ARRIVAL ✈ OKINAWA

The beautiful Miss Okinawa is here to welcome Apple Vacations First Chartered Direct Flight to Okinawa

Greetings in Okinawan! 今日拝なびら (chuu wuganabira), meaning Hello!

Thursday, 23rd November this morning was a pleasant surprise upon arrival at Naha Airport, OKINAWA. Apple’s first chartered direct flight was greeted by Mr. Tanimura together with a group of representative from Okinawa Tourism and the beautiful Miss Okinawa!

Not only was this such a warm welcome from Apple’s business partners, but also from the local Okinawan media from the TV, Newspapers (Okinawa Kan Kou Soluhousha, Okinawa Convention Bureau, Singapore Okinawa Bureau) and its editor were there to meet, greet and document the first arrival.

Miss Okinawa was there to then present a “Welcome Bouquet of Flowers” to Apple Group Executive Chairman Dato’ Sri Lee Ee Hoe,Jp (Lee San) in an informal ceremony. Apple’s customers looking fresh and vivacious from the flight upon disembarking was surprised, some customers even manage to be interviewed by the local TV news-anchor. Lee san himself was also asked to share some of his thoughts and a few words for the local news.

This certainly sets a perfect mood to kick start Apple’s Okinawa Chartered Flight Series!

(L-R) Miss Okinawa presented a “Welcome Bouquet of Flowers” to Apple Group Executive Chairman Dato’ Sri Lee Ee Hoe, JP (Lee San)

Lee San being interviewed by the Okinawan TV news-anchor.

Source From : Okinawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (OTV NEWS) Okinawa, Japan