2017 Apple Vacations’ First Charter Flight to ✈OKINAWA

Wednesday, 22nd November this year marks a special milestone for Apple Vacations as we added Okinawa to our 2017 Charter Series! This is the first charter from MALAYSIA to OKINAWA. There is much celebration going on.

We were delighted to lead over three hundred Malaysian passengers to the Hawaii of the East! It was truly a special occasion as our senior management was there to flag off the first of the groups. Applenian such as Tour Guides and Tour Leaders and the support team was eagerly waiting to welcome our customers. You can practically feel the excitement crackling as the holidaymakers arrived with family and loved ones awaiting to check-in the luggages and receive boarding passes and most importantly Apple Welcome Pack!

Apple Group Managing Director Dato’ Sri Koh Yock Heng (Koh San), who opened with some choice words for today’s flag-off. “Being a pioneer tour operator in Malaysia, we believe in creating new destinations (products) to meet our customers need. Always being innovative in these aspects and working together with our business partners like the airlines and hoteliers, not forgetting the land operator in respective countries and destinations. Thus ensuring this project materializes and the latest offering a successful one”.

Located within the Kyushu region, Okinawa prefecture is the most southwest part of Japan. The 150 islands makes up the Ryukyu Archipelago, are scattered in a rope like formation as its namesake on the East China sea and on the other side is the Phillipine sea. Being on the southern part, the weather is generally more warmer than the other parts of Japan. They call these islands “the Japanese Hawaii” owing to its tropical temperature. Truly unique with their own native language, the Uchinaaguchi (Okinawan).

As how Okinawan say it …….. 行じ、めんそーれー (nji mensooree)! Bon Voyage!

Applenian are ready to bring you on the “FIRST” DIRECT CHARTER FLIGHT from Malaysia to Okinawa!

Our Tour Leaders are ready to assist our holidaymakers!

Apple Group Executive Chairman Dato’ Sri Lee Ee Hoe, JP (Lee San) is there to Tour Lead our Premium Tour customers!

Our lovely Applenian

Awaiting check-in and drop off luggage.

Apple Group Chief Operating Officer Mr. Bernard Woo giving support with fellow Applenian on the flag-off.

Apple’s treasure! They say one cannot buy experience. In the capable hands of Apple Japan Tour Guides.