The drive through Table Mountain Park is a picturesque one heading to our first stop, the Cape of Good Hope “sign” …. against the cloudless blue sky of summer.

Summer in South Africa: Cape of Good Hope – Cape Point

The view of the Cape with its beautiful surrounding areas.

Kaap van Goeie Hoop as they say in Afrikaans language, is the Cape of Good Hope a section of Table Mountain National Park. Although it is not the southern tip of Africa as it is always wrongly perceived by the general public, surely it is the more popular spot of the southern capes comparing to the four cape’s located within reach of each other …..

The drive through Table Mountain Park is a picturesque one heading to our first stop, the Cape of Good Hope “sign” …. against the cloudless blue sky of summer. Hot and dry but nevertheless superb view. Our guide is very patient and kind which made our day trip very comfortable and given us a lasting memory, he himself is a Cape Malay origin he says, he cannot speak bahasa Indonesia but his grandfather is still able too. They do observe the traditions of his ancestors homeland. His personal experience growing up and explaining to us the landscape and cultural heritage of the Western Cape is truly priceless.

Boulders Beach you must make a pit stop here. Meet the African Penguins called “jackass penguins”. It is located in the Cape Peninsula, near Simon’s Town on the way to Cape Point.

Upon arrival we walk up to Cape of Good Hope and of course it is a must to document our first few moments with the famous sign! But don’t waste too much time looking through the lens and enjoy the moment looking around and taking in the amazing sight that you are finally here!The Cape of Good hope has been used in the early days of European sailors to mark the navigation of traveling more eastward than southward, known as of the great capes of the South Atlantic Ocean. Till today it’s still followed by several offshore yacht races annually.

Cape of Good Hope signage.

We could have hiked to Cape Point, the highlight to view where the two oceans meet, but our guide drove us to the Flying Dutchman Funicular station, and it’s from here we opt to slowly stroll up to the old lighthouse and onwards to the tip of Cape Point. Of course the walk will just take you approximately 30 minutes per way up, but the breathtaking view along the way might take longer as it will make you stop either to contemplate the beauty of the cliffs dropping down and seeing the ocean waves just coming into the jagged rocks and sandy beach below or to just capture every unique angle with your camera!

The Flying Dutchman Funicular for those who do not wish to hike all the way up.

The Superb view. South African skies are truly different shades of cerulean. Simply beautiful.

At last we reached the faithful old lighthouse which has served many sailors of the past and present. Here at Cape Point you can visibly see the warm-water Agulhas current brought in by the Cape Agulhas (the southernmost tip of Africa) meets the cold water Benguela current meet turning in towards Cape point – Cape of Good Hope.

Almost reaching the light house. Plenty of photo capture moments. You can’t help but to click away. A picturesque climb.

You have reached the top and lighthouse.

Of course during summer, you will encounter more tourists, making the pilgrimage towards the Old Light House for the spectacular view at Cape Point.

Just be geared with …….
– For visitors who are not able to make a hike up towards the Cape Point pass the light house, you can opt to buy tickets at the sation and take the Flying Dutchman Furnicular. It is equally as beautiful where you can take in the sights.
– Remember to bring perhaps two bottles of water, you might sweat loads if it’s a sunny day.
– If it’s forecasted to be having showers of summer rain, bring along an umbrella (but be careful as it might be windy at the Cape) or rain coat! Summer showers in Africa are normally short ones. Hence i emphasize “maybe”!

Have an aswesome time exploring for those who have booked your destination, good on ya for those who have made the trip and DON’T WAIT! To those who have not made the trip.

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