1312 Have a safe flight!! Apple Vacations 2nd Chartered Flight Flag Off

Today marks Apple Vacations 2nd Chartered flight out for this year. For a superstitious chinese or if you are not I am sure you agree today’s date sound really auspicious, 1312. If a literal translation for those who speak cantonese …(粤语:一心一意)安全航行!”Yat sam, yat yee!” (meaning wholeheartedly).

With high spirits at 4.30 AM our fellow Applenian has gathered, prepared to welcome our star of the day. Surprisingly this morning we are delighted to welcome fellow Apple tour members who arrived early as us this morning! You can see the eager faces of the little ones and the happy faces of the parents looking forward to explore a White Hokkaido with us.

We managed to catch two families and a pair of lovebirds to share some of their excitement with us …… Mdm Lee who is traveling with her daughter Ms. Mu L.L and two cute grandchildren Jun Xin and Pey Xin, all geared up for Hokkaido’s winter experience. Although not the first time traveling to a winter country but it is the first time in experiencing a White Snow covered winter wonderland. Having booked the trip since June this year, hence have been looking forward to this day of the flight departure. She is feeling a little over excited, coupled with happiness!

(L-R) Mdm. Lee, Ms. Mu L.L and children. All geared up for winter!

Next we have love birds, Mr. and Mrs. Lee who will be traveling to Hokkaido for the first time and it is also the first time joining Apple Vacations. While Mrs. Lee is very excited, Mr. Lee is containing his excitement waking at an early hour to catch the direct charter flight to Chitose, Sapporo (Non-Stop). He is as excited as his lovely wife but he is keeping calm. According to him. Well we wish Mr. and Mrs. Lee an awesome and romantic experience ahead!

Mr. and Mrs. Lee being interviewed by Apple 101 media.

Last but not least is a robust family of four wonderful boys! En. Hafizan and his beautiful wife Pn. Shahira and especially their four boys Naufal (eldest), Aisy (second), Iman (third) and youngest Najmi is extremely excited (he gives 100% happiness!) to be going to Hokkaido with Apple Muslim. Traveling for the second time with Apple Muslim, last year they have explored Seoul during the winter/spring season! We wish you bon voyage and happy travels!!

En. Hafizan and his beautiful wife Pn. Shahira and especially their four boys Naufal (eldest), Aisy (second), Iman (third) and youngest Najmi who is 100% Happy and excited!

Welcoming and greeting Apple tour members in the morning here at KLIA is Apple Group Managing Director Dato Sri’ Koh Yock Heng (Koh San), Apple Group Chief Operating Officer Bernard Woo and Apple Asia Executive Director Gwen Teng.

According to Mr. Bernard Woo, this year has been very encouraging despite the change in using Garuda Indonesia 5-Star Airlines, no doubt customer has been apprehensive at first but they are after all voted as one of the Top 5-star airlines by Skytrax. (Having won Best Cabin Crew for five years in a row since 2014.) The widebody aircraft ferrying our customers is a new aircraft at only one and a half years old. Market changes every year for things are dynamic. In 2018 if we can maintain that itself is commendable and we hope we can be better moving forward.

As for Ms. Gwen Teng, she has mentioned on both first and second departure (8th and 13th Dec) for the White Hokkaido Love story series, tour members surprisingly arrived early at KLIA for the check-in. The flight for this departure is 287 passengers full. Weather estimation for the 13th initially was predicted to experience a snow storm. Luck is on our side as it came and gone. Tour members will still be experiencing snow fall upon arrival in Hokkaido later this evening. Some advice to our tour members, while having fun don’t forget safety, as the snowing might cause the grounds to be slippery.

Garuda Indonesia’s in-flight meals will normally be serving Indonesia’s local flavours. For example “Ayam Taliwang” a speciality unto the Lombok Isle. (**Picture for reference purposes only)


Fantasy of Snow in Hokkaido by Lee San


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