Discovering the Hidden Charms of CENTRAL VIETNAM


They say if one travel to Vietnam one must learn to speak French. Well perhaps in the hey days especially in Hanoi, today English is widely spoken especially in cities such as Ho Chinh Minh. After all when one mention Vietnam they will immediately think of these two cities.

Central Vietnam though is growing in its popularity, the seaside town of Danang growing unto its own. Having a long coastline, the beautiful beachside is dotted with many hotels ranging from boutique to five star ones. Afterall Danang is one of four independent (centrally controlled) municipalities in Vietnam. Being the road less traveled in Vietnam, come with me to explore the many hidden wonders which one can find navigating through the “Central Highlands” of Vietnam taking you through two provinces and a municipal city.

The region is surrounded by mountain ranges stretching from the west to the east. There are THREE must visit UNESCO Heritage sites in Central Vietnam.


Hue, is the capital of Thua Thien Hue province in Central Vietnam and only a few miles from the sea. Recognized as a UNESCO heritage since 1993, this 19th century citadel is surrounded by moats and thick stone walls. The Hue Citadel was built by Emperor Gia Long and is the national capital, political, cultural and religious center of Vietnam under the control of Nguyen Dynasty as recent as until 1945, if you are a history buff or simply those travelers who love to wander around ancient ruins drawing creative inspiration, will love exploring this gem of an ancient citadel.

Picturesquely situated on the Northern Bank of the famed Perfume River, there are four citadels creating this Capital City: Hoang Thanh (Imperial City) for royal palaces and shrines, Tu Cam Thanh (Forbidden Purple City) for royal residences, Dai Noi (Inner city) and Tran Binh Dai. Don’t leave without stopping to marvel at Thien Mu Pagoda known as heavenly lady pagoda and one of the main places of worship in its peak. Some even enjoy viewing the magnificent city by boat from the Perfume River.

Before we head to the next the destination in Quang Nam Province, we must make a stop at the historical Dong Ba Market! Not just any other market, it has function in the past as the main source of food for the palaces, hospitals, army camps and dormitories of the national universities, situated in Dong Ba the biggest commercial center of Thua Thien Hue Province. The market played an important role as the city’s main marketplace where business flourish. Previously named as Qui Gia Thi Market, it was attacked and burned down in the summer of 1885. Not until 1887 did King Dong Khanh rebuild the market and rename it as Dong Ba Market. To the present day travelers, the perfect place for local authentic souvenirs hunting!

The romantic lights at night in Hoi An the Old Chinatown

Being one of the driest and sunniest capital city in May, June and July, Hoi An located in the Quang Nam Province welcomes you to explore its street in the Old Chinatown. Due to its well preserved manner frozen in time, its streets are filled with curious tourists exploring, bears testament that this romantic city is well preserved of its essence till today. Take a romantic stroll back in time in Tran Phu, romantic due to the reflection of the Hoi An river which snakes through the town and dainty bridges. Offering insta worthy pics. It is also a UNESCO heritage site.

Functioning as the main trading port in South East Asia from the 15th century, the city reflects the influences of both indigenous and foreign. Cars and even motorbikes are banned from the centre of Hoi An, hence wandering tourist can be rest assured of safety while exploring unlike the main cities in Vietnam. Hoi An is known for its diverse and excellent food: a legacy of the many nationalities, including Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese, that lived or traded here. There are lots of cafes from traditional Vietnamese to the hipsters style and lots of shopping to be done. One thing for sure when going about shopping ….make sure you bargain!

Yes there are many highlighted places one must visit when in Hoi An and Danang, but if you must choose, visiting both My Son Sanctuary and Bana Hills is a must!

My Son Sanctuary preserves the legacy of the Champa Dynasty of a spiritual origins to the Hinduism of India and also one of the places gazetted as UNESCO Heritage site. Built around the 13th century, it is situated within an elevated geological basin surrounded by a ring of mountains, which provides the watershed for the sacred Thu Bon river. The construction of the Champa Temples takes over ten centuries, this has been recorded as far back as 192 CE found written in sanskrit, the ruling Dua Clan which unified the Cham clans and established the kingdom of Champapura (Sanskrit for City of the Cham people).

Bana Hills the longest and highest cable car

Bana Hill is where we take you to experience a ride etched in the Guinness World Records – the cable car! Achieving fame as one of the longest and highest cable car to the peak. Enjoy a leisurely ride up, as you rest your eyes on a comfortable carpet of greenery as the scene unfolds. Upon reaching to the top, we make sure you feast like royalty. Enjoy the Royal Dinner with Traditional Royal Costume and delectable seafood cuisine. Mouthwatering eh? That’s not all you can take your time to savour and try till your heart’s content as it’s a royal buffet spread. End your royal meal with aromatic Vietnamese coffee and desserts.

Bamboo Basket Boat ride

Now the one experience you must not forego is the ride in Bamboo Basket Boat along Cam Thanh River. Unique and dare say you might not find it in any other part of South East Asia. Listen to the history of the Bamboo basket boat and its role in the Cam Thanh Fishing Village area.

These are just the few we will cover as there are many more. Return with a rich knowledge and an eye-opening counter as you unravel the hidden treasures, we assure you a fulfilling journey to Central Vietnam with Apple Asia.

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