This is Chefchaouen,it is not just a dream.

The Blue Pearl
Chefchaouen   الشاون  

Chefchaouen is famously known as The Blue Pearl, coming as no surprise as the entire village is painted in blue paint, there are a few theories as to why, but whatever the reason it has become a successful and one of the must-stop tourist destination in Morocco placing it on the world map effectively. Before its rise to stardom as “the” destination, it was really just a humble village nestled in the Northwest of the island of Fez and Tangier.

Many tourists lovingly run their hands along the blue walls of the village, feeling the texture that has been built long time ago, the walls leads to old and steep alleys, even the steps, gates and doors of these houses are covered in different shades of blue, Many years has passed but the beauty of the area has been very well maintained.
It is because of the uniqueness of the blue village of Chefchaouen that many visitors flock to this little village.

So why blue? One of the main theories is that the painting of the village blue is by Jews which settled here. There were an influx of Jews coming to the sleepy town here in the northwest, to the Jews blue symbolizes the sky and the heavens reminding them of the spiritual connection. Another explanation says that it is a natural mosquito repellent in away.

Whichever way it is interpreted or re-told, all would agree the Blue Pearl leaves one with breathtaking photo memories of their travels here. You can either spend a whole day exploring or stay here and experience the local life. Immerse in the culture, taste cuisine only found here and not anywhere else in Morocco. Walk the maze of ancient cobbled street, if you are tired take a rest and just enjoy the sights and sound and the joys of the local Chefchaouen ……..

The whole town of Chefchaouen nestled in a valley, surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Just as its namesake The Blue Pearl.

Dive into a sea of blue walls and find its beauty.

Blue is the most important color of this town.

One has never found blue so romantic, once here you fall head over heels.

Ready to have your breakfast here? Or to preoccupied capturing the right lighting and moment?

Cats are revered here, seen here two adorable kittens enjoying sunshine. Cats roam the cities.

Locals hang hand dyed fabric and hand made carpets outside their shop and along the walkways.

If you are a traveler who seeks out unique gifts or mementos, you will enjoy discovering one of a kind souvenir shops hidden here and there!

A woman sells mint, one of ingredients used heavily.

The unique blue of the city comes with hard work and determination to preserve its legacy by the locals.