A Perfect Winter ❆ Switzerland :PerfeKt winter at 3,454 meters on a fine Thursday

The Plateau Jungfraujoch – Sphinx (observatory) – Moench. ( Jungfraujoch Top Of Europe )

Special thank you to Jungfrau Railways (Top of Europe)
Thursday seems the perfect weather I’ve been told, for it has been cloudy skies with snow fall of course. But this day was the best comparatively . . .

Started our journey from Interlaken Ost train station(Ost meaning west), after changing two trains, a coach full with little Charlie Chaplin’s (complete with bowler hats and the trademark moustache), many skiers and two hours later, we finally reached Jungfraujoch at 3454 meters, the first thing we did was to head out to the highest tip.

Stepping out onto the snow covered mountain tip, experiencing a visually shocking sight to the senses, the contrast of vivid blue skies, cold air and the bright reflection from the white powdered snow which covers the Alps. From the north to the south, and from the east to the west the view of the snow capped Bernese Alps is amazingly beautiful and breathtaking. Imagine closing your eyes, feeling the cold at – 10 degrees while in-hailing a deep breath of Jungfraujoch pure fresh air, one of the best feeling in the world.

Jungfraujoch Top of Europe

Here we met the little Charlie Chaplin’s once more! They are here for an important mission . . . The inauguration of Charlie Chaplin Ice Sculpture at 3,454 feet by sculptor Sir John Doubleday. No easy feet sculpting at an altitude of 11,332 feet.

In memory of Charlie Chaplin the movie giant, Jungfrau Railways, in collaboration with the Chaplin’s World museum, unveiled Chaplin immortalized in the Ice Palace on Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe with the presence of both Sir John Doubleday and Eugene Chaplin (fifth son of Charlie Chaplin and his wife Oona). Keeping his memories alive even after 40 years since his passing on 25th December 1977.

The unveiling of Charlie Chaplin statue in the Ice Palace at Jungfraujoch with the little Charlie Chaplin.

On the left is Eugene Chaplin (fifth son of Chaplin and wife Oona) and British sculptor Sir John Doubleday with his masterpiece. Depicting the movie “The Kid”.

(L-R) Urs Kessler, CEO of Jungfrau Railways and Eugene Chaplin

Exploring Jungfraujoch from Interlaken Ost is one of the most beautiful journeys of perfect powdery white snow like frosting on cakes, as the train whisk past little towns high-up in the mounts, turning the area into a winter wonderland. Made even easier with the many offerings of Jungfrau Railways Passport. I now know that Japan is not the only country whose train is punctual!

Specially made for the comfort and convenience of both tourist and avid skiers alike . . .

On time . Clean . Efficient . Breathtaking views .

Many little Charlie Chaplin’s and “teacher” board the journey up Jungfraujoch . . . my curiosity was quenched when the unveiling of Charlie Chaplin ice sculpture in the Ice Palace.

We change trains at Lauterbrunnen

By passing Wengen. One of the top skiers choice.

Our Captain of the train … driving us safely up. Can you spot the ski lifts through the window?

Not far now up to Jungfraujoch.

Stopping at Eismeer Station:
Just right before we reach the last stop at Jungfraujoch, we got off at the Eismeer station to view the jagged edged snow covered bluish ice blocks at 3,160 meters backed by a panoramic view of the four thousand metre peaks. The train will stop for 5 minutes and will then continue to the top. Eismeer also means a Sea of Ice in German language.

Eismeer at 3,160 meter….. hop-off the train for a must snap-picture here.

The Eismeer (Sea of Ice) . . . blocks of ice rest beneath the snow covered alps.

The little Chaplin’s murmuring in wonder at the sight.

We arrived and disembark from the train! Born in Bäretswil, Switzerland on 1 May 1839, Adolf Guyer-Zeller was the son of a successful tradesman in Zürich and having graduated from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, he lead his father’s company and established many more successful ventures, one of them being Jungfrau Railway.

You can grab Swiss hot chocolate drink to warm your body up before you head outdoors to enjoy the stunning sight … albeit cold as the winds blow. Don’t forget to grab another hot one once you come back in.

I just can’t get enough of the panoramic view up here at Jungfraujoch plateau.

The view in mono, is equally breathtaking.

The children just playing and building snowballs at 3,454 meters! So happy to see them enjoying without a care.

We met the little Charlie Chaplin’s and decided to follow them for the unveiling of Charlie Chaplin being immortalize here at 3,454 meters!

On a clear day . . . you can see far off

Jungfraujoch is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. Twin-mountain relationship with Mount Huangshan, China.

We continued to the Sphinx. Highest point and windy and cold . . . brrrrrrr. Worth braving the cold winds at -10 degree celsius for the awesome view.

View of the Bernese Alps

There are indication plates of the view . . .

Snow wisp around as the strong winds blow the soft fluffy snow of the alps.

Temperature and wind-speed indicator.

Should you not able to stand the cold, don’t worry you will not lose out on the view. You are able to still enjoy with a 360 degree glassed view . There are also bench within.

Many avenues to explore at the TOP OF EUROPE
Besides the panoramic views of Jungfraujoch plateau and Sphinx Observation Deck the highest point, there are also choices of restaurants, Ice Palace to explore, Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven, Alpine sensation ( A shudder runs down the spine of whoever enters the 250 metre long corridor between the Sphinx Hall and Ice Palace), MÖNCHSJOCHHÜTTE, Snow Fun Park (from mid-May to mid-October), Top of Europe souvenir shops where you can purchase and write postcards and mail them to yourself (it is exciting upon returning from your trip to receive a postcard which reminds you of your awesome travels to the Top Of Europe) or to your loved ones back home.

Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven

Remember to bring home some Lindt luxury

Finally it is time to head back to the beautiful town of Interlaken as the sun wanes to night. During winter, sunset is much earlier. We took a different route instead from the way-up. Affording us the beautiful view of Eiger’s tip lighted by the Swiss sunset view.

The view of sunset lighting up the tip

Breathtaking views while riding the train.

As evening approaches the sliders and skiers call it a day.

Busy station as tourist catch the train

Additional Info: Route Map from Interlaken Ost to Jungfraujoch and back.
The route going up to Jungfraujoch Top Of Europe which we explored. You may also do it the other way around. Depending on your preference. The route going up was approximately 2 hours and 17 minutes.

Interlaken OST

Route 1

The route on the way down to Interlaken Ost station. The route down took approximately 2 hours stopping at Grindelwald to change trains

Route on the way down from Jungfraujoch to Interlaken OST station. Passing through the tunnels of the triple peaks of EIGER, MÖNCH AND JUNGFRAU with spectacular sunset view.

Jungfraujoch Train Tickets:
Jungfraujoch Top Of Europe Ticket : From CHF 91.00
Jungfraujoch Round Trip : From CHF 100.80
Seat Reservation : From CHF 5.00

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Interesting Facts:
Switzerland is a country you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Unique with four national language spoken here are Swiss German taking up a bigger pie, French, Italian and a smattering of Romansh. The location of the spoken language is very much influenced by the countries bordering Switzerland. Being a landlocked country by France in the west, Germany in the north, Austria and the principality of Liechtenstein in the east (which also speaks German), Italy in the south. Where as Romansh language is spoken in Graubunden in the east side.

Be sure to visit Interlaken, located in the heart of the Bernese Oberland, north of Switzerland where the Swiss-German language is widely spoken here. Interlaken is one of the most prettiest fairy-tale resort town, in between two lakes (hence the town’s name – Interlaken) and surrounded by breathtaking Swiss Alps. Winter season here is the peak with lots of fun filled activities taking place.

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