The narrow windy road, coupled with the thick rain-forest was a breath of fresh air. Being a “kampung girl” I did not realized there was a mature tropical rainforest so well preserved. As we reach a clearing, the statue of Malaysian tigers lazing on the garden’s edge greets you, and the view of the chalets in traditional Malay kampung style overlooking the South China Seas.

CLUB MED: When your girlfriends say let’s head to Cherating

A hidden gem. Photo credit : Cherating Beach Resort.

When my girlfriends say, let’s have an all girls trip to Cherating, Pahang. The first thing that pop into my mind was, there is many more choices for cuti-cuti Malaysia . . .

But they had me saying yes immediately, when they say it’s not your average resort in the east coast but Club Med Cherating!

So what went on there with my girlfriends? Isn’t Club Med for honeymooners and families only?

The drive in and warm welcome . . .

As we approach the lobby area . . .

Turning into Kampung Cherating from the East Coast highway, drive slowly along, there’s a Club Med Cherating signage on your left hand indicating a right turn-in. Stopping at the guard house (where visitors will be stopped and security will check on registered vehicles), don’t get annoyed as it means the property really do screen and allow genuine guests in only, once cleared we proceed to drive forward.

The narrow windy road, coupled with the thick rain-forest was a breath of fresh air. Being a “kampung girl” I did not realized there was a mature tropical rainforest so well preserved. As we reach a clearing, the statue of Malaysian tigers lazing on the garden’s edge greets you, and the view of the chalets in traditional Malay kampung style overlooking the South China Seas.

The “G.O” (an abbreviation of “Gentil Organisateur”) greets us enthusiastically and introduced herself. Ushering us to the reception area for a detailed briefing. Maybe it was the two and a half hour journey coupled with the adrenaline rush of excitement . . . the information just flew past me, details overload. But not to worry for the entire duration of our time here, there is always a helpful GO to assist us! The GO at Club Med are from all over the world, from Brazil, to Australia, Indonesia, from India, Japan and Korea as well as our very own Malaysian GO.

The most important thing which we need to know (at this point of time) is, wear your lanyard on your wrist at all time (your currency in this self-contained utopia), our room keys, the location map given to us (important!) and words like free flow of food and drinks, fun, not a moment of boredom sticks to the mind. The guests are called “Gentil Membre” (Kind Member) or “G.M”. Afterall Club Med was founded by the French, hence when it comes to hospitality and service simply magnifique!

Having settled our things in our rooms, we girls can’t wait but to start at the watering hole, but make sure it’s not your last stop!

The city gals explore the facilities, activities, foodies and the parties . . .

What can be found in this self-contained Utopia . . .

The property at Club Med Cherating is sprawled over 329,750 sq km with its miles long beach. With ample of space, it is complete with three restaurants and bars to choose from, a full complement sports and fitness center, a wide pool for both adults and children, Mandara Spa and activities galore. A best kept secret . . . a private beach named Pantai (second beach).

Waking up from a blissful sleep to the sounds of the 80 hectares of forest, home to macaques and gibbons, taking in the clean fresh morning air is a rejuvenation to the soul in itself. Indeed a much needed break for us, city-girls from the ratrace and demands of work and family.

An emerald gem nestled in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Photo Credit: Cherating Club Med.

The choice of services and activities are amazing . . .

The G.O encourages all guests (GM) to participate the activities, coming under services and sports activity. At eight in the morning, you may find yourself by the tennis court awaiting to learn how to serve your first swing. All of us taking on tennis for the first time, was so much laughter! As the poor instructor tried her best to turn us into pro-tennis players a.k.a “Serena Williamses”.

There is an instructor for beginners, hence you don’t have to be shy as in our case. Ample of space for tennis and squash courts for the advanced players, not to forget the badminton enthusiasts. The futsal court opens 24 hours, if one can’t sleep at night, easy to operate night-sports-lights and football is provided.

Tennis for beginners . . . the ever patient G.O! Photo credit: Elaine Lee

If you are not up for tennis, squash or even badminton . . . why not try your hand in sailing the South China Seas? During our stay we met the most awesome team of G.O who takes care of the Water Sports – Roy and Dion. Roy with an impressive accolade and more than ten years experience in various water sports, is also a certified sea-rescuer and dive instructor. In their good hands, we set sailing the seas! Feeling the wind-sweeping through your hair with the salty spray of the ocean, what a liberating feeling! There are also beach volley ball, which our fellow GO’s by now are more like friends, and other GM (guests) also join in the fun. A great way to make new friends and bond.

Sailing the South China Seas for the first time! GO Roy is in the middle of Cindy and Elaine . . . look at their happy faces, an achievement. Photo credit: Elaine Lee

There is also water-polo, team GM taking on team GO! Too much fun even though if you don’t know how to play. You find yourself laughing hard from all the antics and excitement of the game! it doesn’t matter who win or lose at the end of the day, but memories of the experience are etched for sure.

Water polo . . . G.O (in blue swim caps) versus G.M (the guests).

On another day, we explored the rock-climbing on the second beach (called Pantai). It is an actual limestone wall, albeit not a very high wall for professional climbers, but a fun-way to explore rock-climbing for first-timers like us.

For the more adventurous, there are also Archery School, Treetop adventure School and Flying Trapeze School with circus activities. That you don’t discover every other day at just any other resort! Yes it is for adults and there are allocated time slots for children of different ages as well.

I think our normally asian shy nature melts away, as we girls went all out to explore the services and sports activity provided here. Which to be honest, we would normally will never take the initiative to do-it back home in Kuala Lumpur.

Beach volley is a must . . . the GO and GM joining in the fun.

No easy feat for first timers!

There will be a G.O to assist and belay you down. So don’t worry you are in safe hands.

Take on the tree top challenge!

Flying Trapeze School . . . this is one of the activities to try. You can’t find this at any other beach side resort. From the little ones to the adults, none regret enrolling to this school. Photo credit : Club Med Cherating

The catamaran all decked out ready to be sailed.

After a day of full activity, go for a good massage with Mandara Spa. Photo Credit : Club Med Cherating.

Continuous food and beverage offered . . .

Women being women, we normally carry a big bag when we travel, inside equipped with water bottle, snacks, purse, tissue, make-up …. etc. We asian women are so afraid of getting thirsty! (not all but most). Hence the Club Med experience changed all that for us.

Here at club Med Cherating, we have to only remember to lock our doors when we leave the comfort of our rooms. With the lanyard on our wrist, the beverages are free-flow all day long from three bars, the Orchid which is the main bar, Bayou Bar (a beach bar) and the Zen Pool Bar.

While you are sitting on lounge area reading a book or just simply relaxing in the main lounge, the G.O will walk over and offer you a wide selection of beverage. From a cup of coffee or tea, juices, to choices of cocktails or a pint of beer, or even a glass of wine. Therefore one will never go thirsty during your stay here.

The main lounge area where Orchid bar is located to the right, there is live performances. We were constantly offered beverages.

Spoilt for choices of food served, Mutiara Restaurant is where we gather for our buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. A wide selection of choice during all meals. Don’t worry if you can’t wake before 9.45am for last call of breakfast, there’s late breakfast from 9.45 – 10.45am. There is another choice for a three-course dinner at Rembulan Restaurant, the beauty of it … it’s inclusive in your package, you need only to be quick in making reservations as it has a maximum seating capacity.

We also enjoyed the Noodle Bar after vigorous activities, with exerting so much energy naturally the appetite kicks-in. The restaurant operates from 2.30pm to 6pm and for late night suppers from 9.30pm to 11pm..

“Let’s eat! I am hungry . . .” is a never a phrase you hear when you are in Club Med Cherating, they take good care of us making sure there is never a moment where you feel hungry.

For every meal it is a delight! Happy faces of G.O greets us. Sometimes you find the Chief of Village himself greeting you (second from right, Mr. Mike the General Manager of Club Med Cherating).

G.O will join us for our meals . . . superb way to find out information about the best things-to-do at Club Med Cherating.

PANTAI . . . the Beach

The word “pantai” meaning beach in the local Malay language. However here, the word is used to describe a hidden paradise. One can take a walk through the tropical rain-forest to get to the other side as it were. Or take the cute white,green and yellow striped shuttle train, departing daily every 30 minutes to Pantai.

The train is convenient and fun for little children and adults alike.

The adults only Zen Pool (above 18 years of age) found here is perfect, relax on comfortable daybeds surrounding the pool overlooking the south china sea. The Zen Pool Bar is manned superbly by a G.O, and in the evenings you will find small bite sized pancakes being served. Don’t be surprised if Mike, the Chief of Village himself served you one!

The Zen Pool for adults only (18 years and above).

Walk the mile long private beach, perfectly clean, feel the sand between your toes or simply get comfortable and lie down enjoying the sun . . . close your eyes. One word to describe this gem – tranquility. A hidden secret waiting to be explored at Club Med Cherating.

At Pantai the beach, it is where the Rembulan restaurant is situated, as well as the water sports facilities.

The mile long stretch of perfect sandy beach.

Honeymooners paradise . . .

When the night falls . . .

One might think, when the sun finally sets each night, its to bed after dinner on a secluded beach front resort. But you could be more wrong. For us girlfriends, our night has just begun.

Every night there will be a different show, production or musical. Performed by our very own G.O’s. Imagine by day they are there to serve, mingle with you, by night they keep you entertained.

Our first night we had a spectacular show of flying trapeze, the second night was truly a musical feat playing a live Music Factory, a treat as the General Manager was the emcee for the night as well as part of the crew, and on the third night we enjoyed adorable performance by the little children and the teens from Club Med Mini and Club Med Passworlds, under the tutelage of the G.O’s who is incharge of them.

Us girls were wowed and so were the other guests by the unique and entertaining performances. At the end of every show, the night has just begun with a follow-on dance party! The Club Med way.

Superb performances every night . . . Photo credit : Elaine Lee

Even the Chief of Village emcee’s. Tonight was the well-done performance by the children and teens!

An after party always follows . . .

Au revoir, till the next time.

To be honest, time flies. It does, doesn’t it when you are having so much fun!? We had such a good time and it was great just to bond with each other. No quarrels during the trip (the reality of traveling in groups sometimes), as everyone can choose from a variety of activities, we just meet and catch-up over meal time or for a couple of drinks.

Yes, it is our first Club Med experience, having traveled to East Coast many times (my Kampung), but all the more surprised coming away with the wonderful experience here. Addicted and looking forward to my next holiday plans with Club Med Cherating or even exploring other Club Med properties.

We Malaysians when it comes to having an awesome trip, we tend to think destinations out of Malaysia. But in actual fact one don’t have to travel across the ocean to discover an emerald gem, should you need a short get-away. With the many public holidays over weekends available in 2018, this is the right choice.

Perfect for an all girls-trip, families or even company trips, not forgetting the honeymooners, Club Med has the right destination for all season and occasions. To find out more, call APPLE FLEXI to find out today:
Contact Hotline: 03-2143 8877
Click on Link: Apple Flexi (CLUB MED).