5 Destinations in China to quench your thirst for  “La Fleur”

“A new year is unfolding – like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.”
Chinese Proverbs

Indeed nothing matches the beauty which cloaks these views. Be it a mighty warrior passing through the fields of flowers, or a princess protected within the great palace walls, the sight of these beautiful flowers holds its prisoner spellbound. Swaying in the breeze, the sight evoke feelings of romance which is etched in poetry, proverbs and songs. Truly its magic transcends time, religion, race and reason.

Here in China there is a world of five unique floral destinations to fall in love with, which can be easily reached from Malaysia. Perhaps you are looking for the perfect excuse to pop the question? Or to rekindle romance perhaps? Take a journey through the stunning flower displays found in these parts of China. Thaw the heart, rekindle the love, or even forge that family love bonding as you journey through this season.

See with your heart, feel with your instincts, smell the love . . . that’s what flowers in spring time does to you.

Spectacular Sichuan

When one mentioned Sichuan, immediately one will think about the hot spicy cuisine which the province is known for. There is a sweeter side to its fiery cuisine, where many have come to enjoy. Here in Sichuan, one can travel back in time to the 18th century, board the Jiayang Steam Locos.

This ancient steam locomotive is still used today as a means of commuting from Shixi and Bajiaogou for the people living along the route, running 19.84 km from Shixi to Huangcun Mine station with 8 intermediate stops. Not only that, it takes you through a magical golden route of blooming Canola and other beautiful flowers during spring time.

Steam train by passing the golden fields of Canola Farms

Plum blossom flowers at Longquan Temple, Chengdu, Sichuan

Spectacular Jiangnan

Flying in and out from Shanghai, China this time round is certainly to not only be wowed by the sight of the “Bund”. Exploring Jiangnan which has been known for its fairytale Chinese Classical Gardens. Blessed with being located near the south of the Yangtze river, the city has thrived and is well known for its garden with mirror-like reflection ponds and lakes.

Spring time will give you a few short months to enjoy six unique beautiful sights of flowers throughout Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Qiandao Lake and retracing your journey back to Shanghai. What’s more . . . after a tiring day out, we ensure you are rejuvenated at Salt City Han Guan Hot Springs.

The humble administrator garden flourishes

A slow drift down the river in Jiangnan’s Canola farm

The beautiful Zhuozhen Garden in springtime

The ever Majestic Beijing

Beijing is truly majestic, not only for the famous Forbidden City but also for its natural beauty. Retrace the footsteps of emperors and dowagers of the past, imagine their pleasure when they chance upon the face of these beauties.

Yuyuantan Park, where 61 hectares out of the 137 is covered in a body of water. In the 17th century during the Qing Dynasty when Qianlong Emperor was the ruler, springs from nearby Fragrant Hills were introduced into the low land and impounded to be a lake, the Emperor has even built an imperial palace for short stays. Today it boast over 2,000 Cherry Blossom trees!

Beijing’s Yuyuantan Park famed with blossoming of over 2000 Cherry Blossom trees

Remember to enjoy the sights of beautiful Zhongshan Park as it is famously known for.

Zhongshan park

Be wowed by the thousand years village of Gubei Water Village. Serene, romantic and filled with rich history.

The romantic view of thousand years village

Gubei Water Village

The view as dusk falls

Engage in Shandong . . .

Many by now have either consume or come across the famed peanut brand found here in Malaysia, Shandong peanuts. Hence when Shandong is mentioned, the image comes to mind. But to the followers of Confucianism, many have come to know it as the birthplace of Confucius in the city of Qifu, and was later established as its center. Climb Taishan or Mount Tai, the highest peak here and one of the “Five Great Mountains of China”.

Head to Dongying Yellow River Delta Conservation Area, during spring time it is known as a bird watching paradise with sightings of rare migratory birds, not forgetting the flora of course.

A famed landmark at Badaguan area in Shandong

Black Tiger Springs in Shandong

Dongying Yellow River Delta Conservation Area . . . a bird watchers paradise as many migratory birds flock to its resource.

The floral display at Liaocheng Shandong

Many Confucious followers makes the pilgrimage to the mountain of Taishan.

Civilization Henan

Indeed the province of Henan holds a spellbinding story for whomever that chance upon a visit to these part of historical China. Home to the famed Qin Emperor’s Terracotta Warriors, UNESCO Heritage Longmen Grottoes where one marvel at the carvings of ten thousands of statues of Buddha and his disciples.

But it has another secret, travel to Luoyang, Henan in the month of April for the Peony Festival. The Peony’s in Luoyang however tells a far more regal tale and it’s no wonder that China chooses her as the national flower.

Luoyang famous for its yearly Peony Festival

It has achieved international famed and is governed by strict standards. Peony being the national flower symbol of China.

Apple Asia have put together the perfect Spring time itinerary to these destinations. Catch them quickly for Spring time does not last 365 days a year, but a short few months. Time is of essence . . .

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