Chap Goh Mei as we come to call the day here in Malaysia is the 15th and last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, also known widely as the day of Chinese Valentine. Do not have any idea where to travel to? Do not worry, fellow Applen-nian will recommend a few romantic destination for the day!

Welcoming Chap Goh Mei (Chinese Valentine)

Text:杨致安(Ah On) / Picture By:Apple 101

Did you know? “Chap Goh Mei” as we call it here in Malaysia or the 15th day of the Chinese New Years are celebrated differently in other parts of the world. For example, in Taiwan it is known as the lantern festival, in China glutinous rice ball is prepared, and of course right here in Malaysia we celebrate by throwing mandarin oranges. Regardless of the differences, all have one thing in common, celebrating this auspicious day of good fortune and romantic luck.

This year, Chap Goh Mei festival fall exactly on 2nd March, which happens to be a Friday. Where have you plan to travel to this weekend?

A Lover. . .is traveling with the buddies

Chloe Hong の Travel Advice:
The world is so big, I’d rather experience it on my own than listening to someone else experience. Doesn’t matter if the destination is near or far, most importantly experiencing it with a curious heart ! 

Recommended Destination ? Boracay

Chloe Hong ‧ 29 years old
Apple Flexi

Should the day of Chap Goh Mei falls on a public holiday, Chole will choose an island or a country as the destination that can be reached by direct flight. Take the advantage of online promotion offerings of budget airlines, the price will be more cost-effective. She likes to travel impromptu, without much advance planning, it is because we know that plans always keep changing;
For Chloe, the best destination is also a place that does not require too much transportation arrangements, easy to reach places of interest, attractions and choices of restaurants where one can reach by foot. But the most important thing is in choosing an island holiday, hence this time round she recommends Boracay Island in the Philippines!

Boracay is an island that is not too big, neither is it too small. According to Chloe, there are five must-do-things in Boracay:
First is to quench your thirst with the ultimate “Mango Smoothie” that can be seen selling everywhere on the streets, the hot summer sun and the cool ice-cream smoothie drink!

The second is to experience the excitement with a group awesome friends; the third is lying on the beach drinking the local beer; the fourth is that no visit is complete to an island destination, without eating fresh seafood! Not only is it cheap but also very fresh! The fifth piece of advice is to go sunset sailing, turning your face to the light touches of sea breeze, admiring the beautiful sunset on the horizon, an unforgettable and priceless experience.

Two people going to Boracay that’s called romantic, a group of buddies going to the island – that’s called wild. However, Chloe also likes to find a quiet corner on the beach, reading a book, listening to music or simply daydream, simple pleasure!

Finally on the island, the turquoise sea, the white sand, the blue skies …

Loving you! Let’s go!

Substituting mango smoothie with wine! Cheers!

Boracay, Philippines, the sun, the sand, the
waves and white sands, are you seduced?

A Lover. . .is being on a honeymoon with her husband

Lavence Lee の Travel Advice:
If you do not go out and explore, you might think that this is all there is in the world. 

Recommended Destination ? Hokkaido

Lavence Lee ‧ 34 years old
Apple Asia

Some people say that one must head to Japan’s Hokkaido at least four times in a lifetime, in order to thoroughly feel the charm of different seasons! Indeed, Hokkaido is a place full of surprises for all seasons. However, the most worth seeing is during winter in Hokkaido. Hokkaido in March, although the cold temperature might be slightly relaxed, but it is still far from the spring season, hence still falling under the winter season!

Lavence has mentioned that Hokkaido is where she has visited and want to go again. The winter here ignites almost all couples imagination comes alive with romance. It is no exaggeration to say that Hokkaido is synonymous with winter snow. Blanketed with endless powdered white earth, falling white snowflakes, all the unique elements of winter are found here, creating an ideal place for Valentine’s Day.

As one of Japan’s most attractive cities Hakodate, has countless fun places to be explored. From Sapporo to Hakodate takes just 2 hours by car and can be reached by other convenient transportation. In fact, Lavence has been there countless times, **and he also has his own pocket list and privately-owned attractions, will introduce Hakodate-must-visit places!

In the morning, visit the Hakodate Morning Market, the largest seafood wholesale market in the region where the seafood is fresh. It is worth mentioning that Hokkaido’s famous crab, if you come here but did not eat “the” crab, then your journey here is in vain!

Hokkaido also has very beautiful church, making it suitable for a romantic photo shoot, such as the special shape of the Harris Orthodox Church, as well as the Gothic architecture of Roman Catholic Motomachi church …… Lavence reminds everyone not to miss this opportunity!

Many lovers travel around the world searching for a romantic local experience, I believe many couples have this in mind; Hence towards the evening, take the cable car up to the Hakodate Mountain Observatory and enjoy the famous scene! The night view from Mount Hakodate at 334 meters in height, is one of the most romantic scenery of Hokkaido. When it comes to dinner, arrange a buffet dinner at the hotel. Last but not least, do not forget the traditional hot springs, after a long day of exploration ending with a rejuvination from the day out, leaving only romantic memories which will grow strong!

Hokkaido,oh how beautiful !

Looking at the night view, isn’t it romantic?

For Lavence,traveling is filled with beautiful memories of the two !

A Lover. . .is being grateful to my wife and child

YJ Chong の Travel Advice:
Instead of living a boring life, enjoy each journey, people and things, explore the many different facades of the world!

Recommended Destination ? Australia

YJ Chong ‧ 32 years old
Apple West

In the past, the word romance belongs to the world of two people, but when I’m a father to a child, it is entirely two new worlds. No matter what you want to do or deciding where to go, even traveling abroad, one must take along their children, traveling as a family of three.

YJ said: “I would recommend Australia, because it’s a suitable family friendly country!”

Whether you are on a farm, enjoying a meal, getting close to a small native animal or exploring the mysterious forest, it is perfect for the curious adventurer. YJ also specially recommends Phillip Island in Australia, where one can enjoy the famous penguin antics, penguins walking by swaying left right is the cutest to witness, you can also take children to the enclosed safari to watch the endemic animals in Australia, personally feeding kangaroos, koalas, here is the most suitable activities, that is why many families like to come to experience the nature here!

In addition, Australia is also a gourmet paradise and a mecca for multicultural experiences, bringing together the cuisine of various nationalities, the most famous of course, is seafood. Australia’s seafood is fresh and succulent, a wide range of prices are available with friendly people, if you do come here, you must try the famous local oyster. YJ mentioned that there are so many superb restaurants in Sydney, with choices of dining in the restaurant with a spectacular view of the famed Sydney Opera house through the window. Here, any hotel or restaurant with a view of the Sydney Opera House is expensive, while enjoying the food and view of the Opera House from different angles is also a wonderful treat for any visitor or resident in Sydney. I felt that it’s really a worthwhile trip on the road ….

Another good thing to taste in Australia is the red wine. Valentine’s Day meal, of course, ultimately must be completed with a bottle of red wine. Australia has a lot of wineries, hence they are also known as one of the world’s richest wine country, so do take a walk in the vineyards of different regions found here, not forgetting to taste the local variety of wines, but also to experience the local hospitality, creating a personal experience of the authentic Australian flavor.

Penguins watch at dusk, is one of the most popular attraction at the wildlife centres!

Enjoying a good meal with the view Sydney Opera House is certainly a treat.

When you are with child, there is a whole new world to the word Valentines Day!

The child or children might not remember the places that they have been to, but most importantly is the bond that is created during the travels, by being together as a family.

Published on 28 February 2018 《China Press》

Translated by Debra Tan