There are always different kind of flavours for everyone in many things such as food, gifts, services, and even type of travels in these time and age. Apple Asia having these few exciting packages to quench the thirst of fellow travelers who wants to explore China.


7 REASONS TO CHOOSE CHINA : Trust us there will be no shopping stop!


The Great Wall of China is not the only impressive sight found in China. There are many hidden gems to this vast and diverse country.

There are always different kind of flavours for everyone in many things such as food, gifts, services, and even type of travels in these time and age. In today’s modern world, we understand what travelers want, here at Apple Vacations we don’t mince words when we say there is no shopping stop. Apple Asia having these few exciting packages to quench the thirst of fellow travelers who wants to explore China, but without the necessary stops that many shopaholics just can’t do without! (We do cater for shophaholics by the way . . .)

You do not have to go through the hassle, spending much time and energy in putting together an itinerary free of shopping stop. Having taken-up this extremely serious obligation in doing much research, spending many hours of comparison and choosing only the best for you. All you have got to do is click and decide on the best itinerary which quenches your thirst for China! Starting from the shortest travel days of 6 days to the longest of 12 days.


Reason 1 : MID-AUTUMN. GUILIN Meet Liu San Jie + Longshen + Yangshuo – 6 Days & 5 Nights


The mounts of Guilin.

Meet the legendary Liu San Jie, hear her serenade the melodies of the famed musical “Third Sister Liu” of the Zhuang people. Imagine sitting in an impressive world class open air theater of Yangshuo Impressions, as they belt out the proud heritage of the Zhuang people.
➸ Special as it is only one departure on the 20 September 2018.
➸ What’s more there will be Special Mid-Autumn Arrangement Festival in Guilin such as free gift of Moon Cake + Lantern + Mid-Autumn Dinner + Guihua Wine Tasting. (Not available with other departures to Guilin, as this is purely seasonal)


Reason 2 : PICTURESQUE ZHANGJIAJIE 7 Days & 5 Nights


The Hallelujah Mounts of Zhangjiajie.

➸ Just as its namesake, Zhangjiajie is truly a picture perfect place to visit. A bucket list choice for many travelers. If the USD 2.7 billion award winning movie, Avatar and Halelujah Mountains rings a bell. This would be the tour itinerary you are looking for!
➸ Don’t only see them on FB or Youtube, walk your dream! Walk the famous glass bridge of Tianmen Mountain Glass Walkway & Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge
➸ Mount Tianmen Fox Fairy Show. Dramatic natural backdrop as the stage background, the world’s first.


Reason 3 : MAJESTIC BEIJING 7 Days & 5 Nights


Always majestic Beijing!

➸ Don’t only touch and go. Many have use the major cities of Beijing or Shanghai as transit points to get to other parts of China. With this itinerary, you get to know the real Beijing in-depth wise.
➸ Exploring Beijing does not mean you do not experience the famous mountain and lake sceneries which grace the famous paintings. Gubei Village will take your breath-away. No doubt it is a technology advanced metropolitan city.
➸ Visiting the Forbidden City is a must when you are covering Beijing. If you don’t, it is as if you have never visited Beijing at all. With this itinerary, we bring you around the Forbidden city in-depth wise. Explore the complex palaces and halls comprising of 9000 rooms in the Imperial Palace Museum.




Extreme Daocheng Yading, earth last pure land.

➸ Christened as earth last piece of Pure Land, due to the harmonious and magnificient view of skyline, meeting snow-capped mountains, and having the clear glacier lake as its footstool.
➸ Taking care to optimize your experience, by arranging a 2 hours domestic flight from Daocheng to Chengdu, instead of 18 hours by coach. We do not waste your time!
➸ Double entry to Yading scenic area. We want you to experience fully the breathetaking nature of this Pure Land.


Reason 5 : ENGAGE IN SHANDONG 8 Days & 7 Nights


Shandong, where scenery, food and a beer festival awaits!

➸ Have you ever heard that beer is good for the health? From 12th – 26th August, the city comes alive with Qingdao International Beer Festival celebrations!
➸ Enjoy the view of fiery autumn! Maple Leaves Forest will enchant you with its scarlet leaves, as if they are set on fire
➸ Besides the visiting famous towns such as Taieerzhuang Ancient Town in Zaozhuang City, there are also fruits plucking according to your choice date of departures. April for Strawberries, May for Cherries, summer months of June are sweet Nectarine and July to August are sweet smelling peach, and should you choose departures for September you are able to pluck Grapes!




Extend your when visiting Zhangjiajie, if you have time, join apple Vacation on a Yangtze Cruise.

➸ If you have plans to cross the famous Zhangjiajie from your bucket list, why not extend your stay to include a cruise down the historical Yangtze river with a world-class cruise.
➸ Spending two nights on the cruise, you are able to discover one of the earliest engineering feat of China, the Three Gorges Dam.
➸ Let your hair down in the evenings on the cruise, a galore of entertainment on the Yangtze River Cruise abroad the Century Legend.


Reason 7 : AMAZING NORTHERN XINJIANG 12 Days & 11 Nights


Northern Xinjiang is trully a wild and exotic place, walk the silk roads of times before.

➸ There are special seasonal arrangements to view Jie You Princess Lavender Farm! Only for departures within 15 June to 15 August.
➸ Specially arranged journey saving 2 hours of traveling time by train from Kurla to Urumqi.
➸ A spectacular journey of exploration by not only flight, on the road by a comfortable 3 seater VIP bus, but you also get to explore the steppe-like Bayanbulak Grassland National Nature Reserve on a horseback. Explore the rugged edge beauty of the Northern Xinjiang vast land, an Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, after all the area is well known as the only highest-altitude breeding grounds for swans in the world!

These are 7 reasons to choose China as your next travel destination, and an added incentive for those who prefer tours without shopping stop!

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